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Omelette with kaviar

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In the small town of Urskoga their chicken eggs are locally produced by the Lillvärn farm. Some of the locals refuse to eat eggs while others eat them with gusto. For the people who eat them, Omelette with Kalles kaviar is a "classic" comfort food. It's fast, easy to do and tasty.   The omelettes are usually eaten during breakfast, lunch or as a night snack. Some people even eat them as a side dish during dinner.   What kind of omelettes are used with the kaviar depends on the taste of the person or their family. The two people from the Lillvärn family living in one of The Twin houses enjoy cheese and tomato omelettes with kaviar. While their closest neighbour enjoys plain omelettes with kalle's kaviar that has a taste of cream cheese. There are several different variations on the omlettes and the Kalles kaviar have 8 different seasonings as well. Some people even use other brands of caviar.  


The dish of Fiska has been a popular dish in Urskoga, it's popular partly because it was used as a comfort dish among the older generations of the people. Since the 1960's, a couple of years after the Lillvärn farm started producing eggs, Omelette with kaviar is more popular as a comfort dish but Fiska is still the more popular dish over all.  


It depends on the size of the pan how many eggs can be used, but 2 is the common one for one portion in a medium sized pan. Do not use more than 6 eggs at once. Water, milk or cream can be used for the omelette. Those who do not want to clean a mixing bowl mix the eggs, their choice of fluid, salt, pepper and their choice of filling into the pan together with butter or cooking oil. But you're supposed to mix it all in a mixing bowl, put the cooking oil or butter in the pan and put the omelette mix into the pan when the cooking oil or butter is bubbling.   When the omelette is finished fold it and put it on a serving plate.


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