If I've seen anything weird in town? I suppose that depends on what you mean with weird? I think that some tourists act pretty wierd some times...those people must believe in the rumors floating around online. Urskoga is a perfectly normal small town.
— Noah
Noah was born to a doctor and a teacher in 1996. His parent's relationship was already on the verge of turning bad when he was born, but his birth tipped them over the edge. They always argued and used him and his sister as a pawn in their arguments. His parents finally decided to divorce when he was 9 years old. He lived with his mother who expected him to take care of their household while she dated and worked as a doctor.   As a 16-year-old he started dating his first girlfriend. It didn't take long until he found her cheating on him and she blamed him for it. He believed her and decided not to date again. Love was something that only existed in books and movies anyway.   Noah finished high school but decided not to continue on to University. He wanted to move out of his mother's house as soon as humanly possible.  


Noah's BFF is his childhood friend Kim. They have grown up together and when they turned 18 they became roommates. Kim is the one who pushed Noah into starting up his Etsy store when their tiny apartment started overflowing with crafting projects. Kim recently moved in with their partner and Noah moved into a new apartment. Kim still spends a lot of time with Noah when they can.


Noah has 1 older sister, 1 half-sibling on his mother's side, and 1 sibling on his father's side. His father is remarried and Noah has never met his father or his half-sibling since his father and mother divorced. His mother was engaged to the father of his other halfsibling but she died before they married. Noah does not spend any time with his half-sibling or his almost stepfather.


Noah is an introvert who prefers to be by himself over social interaction. He prefers spending time with animals or specific close friends. He does not have a good relationship with his family. The only people he actually likes in his family are his half-brother and stepdad. Though, he has very little contact with them.


Noah has long brown hair that he doesn't bother cutting. He would like to keep a beard but he thinks that it's too much of a hassle so he shaves every day. He has blue-green eyes and 20/20 vision. Noah likes wearing black jeans and he has a couple of them. They all are old and most have holes over the knees. He wears tank tops and huge sweaters.


Keeping to himself and not having to bother with other people more than necessary in his line of work.


Noah enjoys sewing and crafting in general. He likes puzzles, reading and watching movies and spending quiet time with his dog or his friend.
Noah Nilsson
26 years
[redacted for now]
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Place of birth
Current location
High school
Gas station clerk & Etsy seller
Sewing, sugar, cookies, candy, watermelons, & octopuses
Large crowds
Favorite Food
Hamburgers with BBQ sauce & bacon
A dog named Melon
Theme songs

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