Burrowing Deer

I wonder what people are talking about. I've never seen them and I drive down that road every day and I walk around in that part of the forest a lot. I mean, I live in one of the houses at the end of the road.
  The Burrowing deers might be real or just an urban legend. People in the area where they have appeared are unsure since the creatures have never been caught. They have only been sighted in the area around the Twin road.


They are slightly shorter than a normal deer (Capreolus capreolus). The Burrowing Deers colors are more greyish and their horns are smaller. Some people who have sighted them also say that their eyes shine with a vicious unnatural glow.  


Most of the people who have seen the deers were gathering mushrooms and berries in the forests close to the Twin road. As soon as someone leaves the public parts of the forests and enter the area around the Twin roads they might spot the creatures far away in the forests. Then suddenly the deers disappear. It looks like, to the people who saw them, like they disappear down into the ground. Moments later the deers would appear closer to the people, who then flee the area. Those who have been hunting the deers have never been able to spot them. There have however been people who have found weird holes in the ground.  


One group of mushroom gatherers spotted the deers. Most of the group ran away. But two people stayed behind. A Witch and a common person in the Know. The people who ran away do not know what happened to these two people. Later on, the two returned from the forest. They had forgotten that they had even been in the forest and the person in the know no longer knew. Which was bothersome for his partner. The witch, had also forgotten about his powers and the community he had belonged to. Now most supernatural creatures stay away from this area around autumn. Well, except Kristoffer, Tim, Molle and Fred who owns the area.


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24 Feb, 2023 10:08

nice art and usage of gifs! very mysterious creatures, indeed.

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