Once a year the #100DayProject kicks off. This year it started on February 22nd. I will be posting all the drawings from that project here. Since on some social media platforms there are text limitations.   I want to be posting information about the story which I will draw characters from during the project anyway, and if I'm posting the images here I can also link to even more information here. XD
— BasicDragon
  So...what is this story I'm going on about? It's named "Death & Flowers" and it takes place in a small town in the northern parts of Sweden, in the fictional town of Urskoga. Many of the inhabitants of this town are Oknytt, though. They generally keep it hidden, since the Knowledge might be too much for some common humans. The story is a slow burn romantic silce-of-life drama mystery about Kaj and Axel. Kaj is a normal human, well until the beginning of the story, who has grown up inside the supernatural community. Axel is a werewolf who moved away from the small town with his family when he was a teenager. However now he is back with his twin Agne for a funeral visit, but it just so happens that another death takes place...

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