#The100DayProject -part 1

Day 1

Kaj is one out of 2 main characters. They are a flower shop owner that inhereted their flower shop from their grandmother, who they grew up with. In the first book they have to choose between becoming a Reaper or die.

Day 2

I spent some time working on a logo for Kaj's flower shop. They have 2 full time employees (I think, I haven't looked at schedules and things like that yet) and a couple of hourly employees.

Day 3

Wanted to draw them from the side...and I also wanted to color their entire hair with this mint color...so...that's what I did. XD Since I'm drawing this in a sketchbook I can't use markers all the time since they bleed through. XD; So I used some of my coloring pencils for this.

Day 4

Yes, Kaj has bad vision so they usually wears glasses. They wear contact lenses when they are working or excercising. Otherwise they wears glasses. :3

Day 5

Another face shot. I wanted to draw them from the front. I'm still not sure which style to use for this story.

Day 6

Drew Kaj as a chibi because I wanted to draw them full body...then I also wanted to draw them in work clothes. I'm still not happy with their clothes so I will try out new designs.

Day 7

Didn't want to draw a face shot today so drew a bigger version of him. I tried another brand of coloring pencils. They didn't have a mint color so I had to use this yellow green one. XD; I decided that the clothes didn't really fit them either.

Day 8

Gave Kaj another outfit and tried different colors. Decided that I would do this for the entire main cast in the coming days. I'm not entirely sold on any of these...I have decided that Kaj likes leggings anyway. XD

Day 9

This is axel, the other main character. I will be drawing more of him later. He needs to wear a red hoodie, because of....reasons. But I'm unsure if it is going to be sleeveless or not. I think his beany will be black or any other color than red though. I don't know about the pants or the shoes. Hmmm.

Day 10

Day 10
Agne is Axel's identical twin. Their design is already pretty finished. I have settled on the third, but I'm still not sure about the color of the fluffy jacket. I think I need to decide on Axel and Agne's eyecolors first. That depends a bit on Axel's final design.

Day 11

Day 11
Irene is another flower shop owner in the small town. She is Kaj's rival and frenemy. She's also a vampire that has lived in the town for longer than Kaj has been alive. I settled for these colors right away. XD

Day 12

Day 12
Ulf is a common human in the know. He's married to Irene. I also liked his colors right away. XD; Side characters are so much easier...

Day 13

Day 13
Chester or Cherry is Irene's son. They are also a vampire and flirts with Kaj a lot. Decided on these colors as well. XD;;

Day 14

Day 14
This character isn't named yet. He's a dragon. XD I haven't decided if he's going to be introduced in this series or in a spin off with Cherry. But he did hang out with Agne and Axel when they were younger. So....maybe. We'll see.

Day 15

I think I have settled on this outfit. Still not sure about the colors, though. But Kaj likes leggings and oversized dress shirts....and cardigans.

Day 16

I was supposed to play around with Axel's design this week...but I wanted to try out a new (for me) fineliner brand on a couple of different versions of Kaj's face. Different face shapes and colors. These are the ones I have a figured to use for them so far. The common Swedish rat brown/blonde hair and pale skin. I've been drawing them with a diamond face shape...

Day 17

A round face shape with a bit more reddish brown hair...I like the color but it's too similar to several of my other characters in Urskoga. XD;;; ...There aren't many red heads in Sweden....soo... XD;;

Day 18

Oval face shape. This is kinda Axel's face shape and the hair is even redder. I don't like it with the mint tips so....

Day 19

Taking a photo from a warped angle isn't so good for these faces XD;; anyway, this is the triangle face shape with a dark red brown. I like it, but I still think that I will be going with the original one.

Day 20

The Square face shape. I liked the original face and colors the best so I will be going with those....I also liked the Kuretake fine liners. :3 I might've tried them before but this is the first time that I remember it and am writing it down. XD...I will hopefully draw Axel in the coming days. XD

Day 21

Day 22


Day 23

Day 24



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