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The Uncharted Lands of Anderall

A land beyond

Created by Mu

Unknown to most of the world, the lands of Anderall lie beyond the confines of the Known World. It lies beyond the Foglands, a band of dense fog that many have entered and never returned from. It has been uncharted in the maps of empires and kingdoms alike, and remains a haven of discovery to this day. Its people? Unknown. Their cultures? A mystery. Awaiting adventures? Inevitable.   The lands lie in wait...


The lands of Anderall display that of a rocky centre, with tall mountains that shadow over the vales of forests below, that stretch off to the white sands of the coasts. There are several changes of environments, from rolling vineyards, to treacherous depths, to glassy arid deserts. Many islands surround Anderall, in the forms of archipelagos and small isolated places that have little connection to the mainland. Throughout the lands and islands, there are many sources of fresh water available, with every hamlet, village, town, and city being built near natural occurring sources of drinkable water. In some places, the water is scarce, yet the people filter salt water to a drinkable state.   The seas surrounding the continent are dangerous, many spires, stacks, and needles protrude the surface and lie in wait beneath. Strong currents are often known to tear some small boats apart and drag unsuspecting sailors down into the depths.

Fauna & Flora

Most plant life in Anderall is colourful and bright, small delicate flora infest most crevices of the uninhabited spots. Many fruiting plants are cultivated in quantity to feed the people; apples, grapes, and many exotic fruits not native to the rest of Urithan. The fauna in Anderall is vastly different to the rest of the world, where many creatures have evolved to the environment in ways that some visitors to the lands, as rare as that is, would be surprised at their features.   Since the Wars of the Colossus, there have been no sightings of dragons, asides their descendants - Dragonborn.

Natural Resources

Anderall has great reservoirs of minerals, metals, and gemstones waiting to be harvested. Most places have been forged from the large forests that surround most of the islands, whilst being replanted to maintain sustainable resources. Fuels such as coal are harvested to power furnaces in remote locations, but it is heavily taxed due to its damaging effects on people and thus expensive to use. Thus, people use charcoal in its place.

Era of War

The Wars of the Colossus raged on, the Convergence sealed what remained of the primordial beasts. Not much remained after those feared days.

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    The Convergence Event
    Geological / environmental event

    Worlds collided once the lands were fractured by the Earthbreaker Titans. The realms of the Elementals converged on Anderall, altering landscapes, enchanting seas, mutating flora and fauna, and imbuing some with powerful blood born magic.


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