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Eliana Hayter

The man who knows the cost of a life

Created by Mu, inspired by the MGS franchise

Eliana Isabelle Hayter (a.k.a. Snake)

Out of the dead of night, the cat and dog chase each other, the chanting of drunken patrons of the local inn echo through the alleyways. In the darkest corner of the city, a killer lies in wait, their dagger doused in a thick sap ready to pierce the unsuspecting victim.   They slither around, making a fuss, drawing the attention of a passerby. Lest they do not know they are the target, the sounds of coins clattering on a table ring true in the killer's ears.   "Eh... Hello?" The victim called to the darkness, creeping forward.   The shadows encircle closer, the taut grip from the umbra pulls them in.   And in the dead of night, as the dog loses the cat, the chanting lessens, and the shadows begin to rise, the killer is gone.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Snake is in fantastic physical shape, through constant swimming whilst at sea, and wall climbing when on-shore. He is agile and relatively narrow framed, helping him manoeuvre around environments.

Body Features

Snake is deeply tanned, from constant exposure to sunlight whilst at sea. His hair has been uncut for sometime and is rather messy.

Facial Features

Snake covers his left eye with a bandanna, beneath it you can see the scars of the pit fight in which he lost it. He has some stubble in which he tries to maintain, but hasn't been able to fully grow it out.

Identifying Characteristics

Snake has a tattoo on his right forearm of a snake interweaving through a skull, which was a mark given to those who reached a high rank in the Clutch.

Physical quirks

Snake walks with a slouched gait, due to the muscle memory of constantly sneaking around locations.

Special abilities

Snake is capable of detecting scents that are usually undetectable to the normal human nose, which has saved his life several times.

Apparel & Accessories

Snake is adorned in his trusty studded leather armour, which is usually covered by a poncho and several pieces of fabric. He also has unique gauntlets that allows him to climb vertical surfaces unassisted by climbing gear.

Specialized Equipment

Snake is specialised in poisons and small blades, asides his claymore which he uses only in emergencies. He also can utilise ranged weaponry with some degree of finesse.

Mental characteristics


Public Academy of Kladash, excelling in geography, physical education, and the four sciences: alchemy, physics, biology, and mathematics.


  • Marauder Leader, The Clutch, 1643-1647
  • Assassin, Freelance, 1647-Present
  • Spymaster and Poisons Master, The Witch of Nimir, 1654-Present

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Assassinated the Queen of Arnskrone in 1649, and has remained undetected since.
  • Mastered the concoction of basic poisons at the age of 20, and later excelled at crafting unique and exotic poisons by age 26.
  • Fractured a corrupt governing power in Millpine, and armed the locals to rebuke against their tyrants.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Was tracked by a capable assassin called the Ghost of Ysiril, and was almost tracked down until Snake drank a potion to permanently alter his appearance. He has since adopted the new look and life as a man.
  • Lost his eye in a pit fight against a Yuan-Ti Pureblood, however, he got his own back and carved the eye out of his attacker and now uses it as his own, with the help of some divine magic.

Mental Trauma

Has a fear of snakes, and has been known to freeze solid when surrounded by them. He is fine enough attacking a single snake, however. He was thus given the nickname "Snake", as a nod to his greatest fear being projected onto others.

Intellectual Characteristics

Spatially aware, sensitive, curious, dedicated, single-tracked, and anxious.

Morality & Philosophy

"A blade is only as sharp as the one who chooses to wield it", an understanding that even though you may know how to wield a weapon, if you do not know how to overcome your foes, you will fall to their blade instead.


If paid enough, he'd kill anything or anyone, doesn't matter so long as he's got a heavy coin purse.

Personality Characteristics


Have enough money to pack up the poison and blades and retreat to a peaceful countryside home far away from all of his troubles.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is an expert herbalist and herpetologist, and can identify key locations to obtain potent ingredients for poisons. He can sneak through areas without hitch.   However, in contrast, his hobbies have made him a recluse and socially anxious person. He'd rather talk fast and get the conversation over so he can be left alone.

Likes & Dislikes

Snake enjoys the feeling of a heavy coin purse, and solidly dislikes being broke.

Virtues & Personality perks

Snake is ambidextrous and keen-minded, with a tactical mind that would make him a powerful general, but alas, the army doesn't pay much.

Vices & Personality flaws

Easily shaken by social events and uncomfortable conversations. He also has a weird obsession with cardboard boxes, where it came from, no-one is quite sure and never thought to ask.

Personality Quirks

Scratches his butt when flustered and bites his nails passively as a social coping mechanism.


As a craftsman of dangerous substances, he is constantly clean from hand to elbow. The rest of him is generally unkempt and dirty because he just forgets to take a bath or a shower. The longest time he has remained unwashed was ten days.


Contacts & Relations

  • Raleigh Burgstow, Clutch Marauder and old friend
  • The Stormbreakers, crew and friends
  • Emilia Gloomcrow, fellow assassin and member of the Greyhand Adventuring Guild

Wealth & Financial state

Snake is extremely well off for someone in his position, taking in money from contracts that come his way. He has amassed around 20,000gp in savings that is locked down in a bank vault in an unknown location, and currently carries 739gp.

Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
The Uncharted Lands of Anderall
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queenslayer, The Man of Many Poisons, The Butcher of Millpine, The Man of Many Faces
1626 - 1658 (Died 32 years old)
Circumstances of Death
Did not survive the Witch of Nimir crash landing in the Plane of Earth
Kladash, Lucidia
Current Residence
The Witch of Nimir
Biological Sex
Snake has beaten around the bush when asked this question, truth be told, nobody knows.
Gender Identity
Snake is, by extension, a transgender male, as he drank a potion to evade his deadly pursuer. He is considered FTM and prefers you not talk about it.
Oaken, sharp
Clay Red
133 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Jericho likes to lie and say he got that facial scar in a fight. Truth is, he and Tank played a prank on me in my sleep, and I proceeded to slash his face with the dagger I keep underneath my pillow."
Known Languages
Snake knows Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, and Thieves' Cant
Character Prototype
Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid franchise

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