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The World of Urelor is a High fantasy setting with millions of stories and tales to either live or tell. But with most of the inhabitants very content on never leaving the safety of their homes, adventurers and story tellers are a must for the world to stay connected.   From the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of the mountains life is harsh and cruel. By day the people are hard at work slaving away to try and continue the life they have or desire. But when the sun sets no one really knows who will survive the night.   For millennia the inhabitants have had to deal with the day and night cycle, unlike any world many have heard of. When darkness hits the peoples are thrown into a forced sleep to wake as a beast. No one really knows the beginning of such an occasion. History only shows pieces of lost lore. As the night creeps into day their forms once again change and they are again humanoids. Free to use their hands and bodies any way they deem wise.   Because the night is so dangerous many do not seek out places of the unknown. Travelers are rare in the world of Urelor and often met with rivaling thoughts and attitudes. Some are kind and willing to listen about the lands explored. Others shun or kick out any traveler they see. Being superstitious of the trouble travelers may cause.

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