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The Void

The Void is the first thing to be: a place of unknown origin, eternal according to some, which held within the motes of light which would later become the first gods. It's known to be a black expanse, so vast that the mere fact that two of the motes collided managed to emit such volume of Chance that it set in motion the events that later on led to the creation of Urantyr.

In Academic fields of study, the idea of Chance is somewhat accepted, next to the theory that Chance awoke dormant consciences in the lights. Still, there are other theories: some say that the Collision was orchestrated by another higher being within the Void. In general, the idea that the gods as a conscience, or as a thinking beings, existed already, but not "activated", is widely accepted.   However some dare to say that gods, as they are known today, were created when the Collision happened, and that before, the lights were nothing more than that; pointless, unliving dots in the void. This idea follows the thought that Chance is what fuels everything, and that it's only thanks to Chance that life could be created: that gods are nothing without the coincidence that led to their creation.

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