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Masked Many

Lying dormant under the earth there is a beast of many, many faces. With every exhale it makes in it's sleep, the surface of the land breaks, ever so slightly, and from the cracks emerge it's breath. Where his breath emerges, life emerges. Within his breath there is energy, there are dreams. Old, old dreams, new dreams, ideas yet to be formed, and ideas formed long before it fell into it's slumber.

Who are we to deny this dreaming creature the sights of our world?

This, at least, is how the Masked Many think. Of course it's a big simplification: they have more complex beliefs, wider perspectives. However, in it's essence, this organization seeks to bring to our world the ideas they find in the beast's breath. On the long run, their objective is —as far as it is known— to bring back the beast.   Now, it's not some End Of The World, We Seek Destruction type organization. They genuinely think (and who knows, as heretic as this sounds, they might not be completely wrong) that this beast of many faces will bring good to the people of Urantyr. Whatever "good" means in this case.   Following the lead of this beast (and of their leader, named KEEP OUR SE CRETS, W RITING MA N ), the Masked Many wear very interesting masks, often deeply personal in their meaning. They do not display their faces, or do so very rarely.
-Text of author unknown. It ends abruptly in this part.

1If you enjoyed this fragment and wish to learn more, buy my book "Guide To The Occult World of Urantyr" to learn more about the Masked Many, and other such groups and secrets! (note found in the document)   2The author of this text seems to have omitted several sections. This is the one kept the clearest.
Secret, Occult

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