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Unsung Gods

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The world is still. The music of creation died down long ago, but it left vibrancy and life. Now the gods have stolen the power of the spheres, leaving only dust and writhing, mewling forms. Power has been taken away from the world–and the mortals that inhabit it. The New Gods, deities created from the will, faith, and fear of mortals, reign triumphant in many dark corners of the world.   The Church of the Unsung God has taken notice. They worship the Mourning God, the Silent God, one of the Old Gods who breathed energy into the world in ancient days. Their flagellants weep and scourge and flense their own forms to power the New Gods that have joined their pantheon, but their sacrifice is not enough to keep the world from being drained away.   So the Church has turned its attention to the cults of other gods. Whispers have been spreading of a powerful cult rising in Iphelon, the Isle of Imprisonment. Not only does this threaten everyone; the horrors they could practice in secret could power the divine vengeance of the exiles, but it is their god that must be burning the power of the world away.   Agents are dispatched to intervene. The Church calls on anyone, the heretics and anathema, the Grotesques, the pure and upright. Nobody deemed capable is turned away, so long as they are willing to answer the call, and return the world to the way it was.   Nothing will stop the Church of the Unsung God from accomplishing their goals. No taboo is too sacred, no sacrifice too much.