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Once upon a time, there was a familiar story...


Well aren't they all these days?


Welcome to a world where NARRATIVE is a cardinal force like gravity. Story can beat steel and lives travel along well worn grooves in reality more often than not.

The year is 1899 and the place is Victorian London but the discovery of the GOOD BOOK sometime in the last century has changed life and society in extreme ways. Literacy and unlicenced storytelling is a crime punishable by death. The Monarchy has given way to the Chapter Houses as a form of gorvernance and the Common folk are encouraged to understand their place in society for the betterment of all. Parents struggle to get their children into the best local narratives, hope they settle into good roles, which then results in them getting the happy endings that all have been promised awaits them if they just follow along with societies lines.

Recently there has been a rash of instances of the malady “Blank Slate” striking down people in the capital, for it is said that knowledge will fill your mind to overflowing if you let it.
"Be Careful, don't learn too much they say... you might forget where you live or who you love."
No one thinks this Tabula Rasa as it is sometimes known, will happen to them if they stay true and humble but everyone has heard of someone, that has heard of someone, who says it may of happened to a friend.

We join this story through the eye's of Élodie, a poor little match girl who is in the process of freezing to death. It is late on New Years Eve, she has lost her shoes and she is somehow falling out of her prescribed story.

Her beginning and ENDING have become mismatched...



BUT maybe, just maybe "supposed to" isn't the good thing people say it is.

    A Story by @SecondhandRPG about a girl with no last page.

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