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The Olympus

The Olympus


Roman Black built the Olympus in 100 The Dark Age. The Olympus was built as Romans magnum opus. Roman was determined to switch career paths and do something different with his life. Being near the (insert temple) was becoming a lonely experience. One night, while he was gathering more wood Roman, stumbled upon a smaller ship. After he ran some tests and checked his notes, he was sure an Ancient Magic energy was coming from it and everything attached to it: These events would fuel Roman’s obsession with Ancient Magic.   It would take years for him to figure out that the Atalanta was connected to the Olympus; Ancient Magic drew the ships to each other. Roman couldn’t get the Olympus to sail until he figured out how to bring the two ships together.   During his studies, Roman concluded that Ancient Magic attaches itself to objects and people. Whatever crew took over the Olympus would have to be truly special.

A Fearless Co-Captain

Amanda Clarke, or Co-Captain Bubble-Gum, is one of the best members of the Olympus and has served the ship since she was just a girl. She servers under Roselyn Jacob Mayer, but they're more like best friends.   Amanda has seen Halorus like never before, and she is amazed each time. It is because of Amanda that the Olympus is still running today! About three years ago, she got the captain out of a burning bar near Witchmans Docks. After that, she was promoted, though Roselyn was going to promote her anyway. Co-captains have been the backbone of the Olympus since it first started sailing! Each captain chooses a co-captain wisely, and to this day, a co-captain has never been fired.  

Building the Olympus

Years of hard work went into the Olympus!  
Sleeping area example map by Me

Sleeping Arrangements

The Olympus does not have bedrooms like a home; the beds are next to each other and are attached to the ceiling, so they sway when the ship moves. The co-captain gets her own bedroom area. Amanda and Roselyn can often be found in the same room.   If a crew member is sick or injured, they're moved to the medical bay, a larger room that houses two to three doctors and five nurses.

Parts of the Olympus

  • The Amidship (middle of the ship) is where most of the supplies are kept. Smaller crew members can be found sleeping in this area.
  • The AFT (near the rear of the ship) is where you will find a pocket of Ancient Magic.
  • The Bilge (lowest part of the ship) is empty, musty, and gross. Crewmembers make rounds down here to make sure nothing is wrong.
  • The Bittackle is where you will find the compass and the sonar device. The compass cant be removed from the bittackle.
  • The Bow is where you will find the bowsprit and a collection of flags from war or places the Olympus has visited.
  • The Crow’s Nest houses one to two lookouts; if they're small enough, they can sleep up there.
  • The crew sleeps in the forecastle most of the time.
  • The Hold is used to store cargo and prisoners.
There are other areas as well, but that's for another time!

How does it look?

The Olympus is a white ship with golden trim. She stands out in open waters and sometimes that’s the goal. When the Olympus doesn't want to stand out, a switch near the mizzenmast allows the ship to cloak.

What does the Olympus do?

The Olympus is the ship that is charting Halorus. The maps you see, though not wholly accurate, are made by the crew. (There are maps made from their POV, but they're not featured yet.)   The Olympus works closely with members of the science and magic community to report their findings. When they stumble across a new nation or new land, they leave it alone, and a scouting party is sent out. The crew does not like to engage in battle, and the captain doesn't need to seek money. The Olympus explores! Part of the fun of being on the ship is seeing new places and meeting new people.

Power Generation

The Olympus runs off of wind, using its sails!


The sails propel the ship forward, in rare cases, the crew will generate a magical wind to get the ship going.

Weapons & Armament

The Olympus uses cannons, fire arrows, and a heat shield. It houses well over 34 cannons, and each member is equipped with a bow of their choosing. Members of the crew are also armed with swords and other weaponry. Magic users are highly valued members of the crew.

Armor and defense

The ship has two layers of Wise Oak that make it incredibly strong. The captain also has a collapsable dome shield; while the shield is up, the ship can't move, making it a last-ditch effort.   The Olympus is not very fast; when a battle happens, a team deploys to The Atalanta.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Olympus has a communications room that houses four owls, two hawks, and a station dedicated to magic users sending out messages. Magic-users who specialize in communication spells are protected at their stations by other members of the crew.


The ship has a large sensor at the bottom, this sensor was built using Ancient Magic and found in The Temple of NULL. The sensor allows the navigation room to see for miles under the ocean. It also alerts the ship of threats from the deep.    Four crew members have a sensor/tracker on their bodies or in their bags. Powered by Ancient Magic and found in The Temple of Null, these sensors give the crew the advantage they need.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Atalanta

Only one Olympus was made because of the Atalanta, a second ship connected to the Olympus. The captain and a handful of chosen crew members have access to this ship, and it is mainly used in times of battle for stealth purposes.   The Atalanta is connected to the ship's side using Ancient Magic; adventurers found the whole ship outside the NULL temple. Atalanta is smaller, faster, and packs more of a punch. Its weapons took ages for the crew to learn, and the knowledge has been passed down ever since.

How Does It Work?

Ancient Magic is believed to be the oldest magic in all of creation. Historians speculate Magii came from a branch of Ancient Magic thousands of years ago. The school of Ancient Magic used on the Atalanta, and the Olympus dates back to the dawn of creation.   Large circular pads connect the Atalanta to the Olympus and cloak the ship. When both ships are attached, Atalanta becomes a weightless object; the Olympus moves slower when both ships are apart.

Brief History

The Atalanta was discovered by Roman Black in 100 The Dark Age; he spent around forty years restoring the ship. Fifty years later, he started building The Olympus. After both ships were finished, Roman sold them and went to continue his other work.   Read more here:  The Atalanta.

A Home for Everyone

The Olympus houses crew members from all over Halorus, from FrogMen to all manor of Half-Orcs; no one is ever denied membership based on their race. The crew members have come to the Olympus to seek refuge, find work, and join a family. Historically, the Olympus has had four male captains and four female captains. Each captain has had a different co-captain or none at all.   What makes the Olympus, so inviting is its primary objective. On top of the exploration and money, members of the Olympus get to see the world. The Olympus is responsible for finding whole continents, new races, and new historical monuments.
Used by
We Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
200,000 Platinum
Only one was ever made
350 feet long
230 Feet
1,000+ Tons
100-140 miles per day
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
The ship only has 300 crew members working at anytime. Usually it's around 260 crew members. Space is saved for passengers: 40 passengers could fit comfortably. Cargo is stored below , the ship can easily hold 400+ pounds of cargo.

The Olympus as seen from above

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Cover image: Set Sail by Daniel Comerci

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