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Universe Fusion

Year 34 After the Bronbin Divide, Month of Bozgonoz

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This will link A LOT of different universes together. The party will be able to travel from different universes and can explore any kind of story line they want. They will be able to pick any species and any classes (ie a twilek pokemon trainer). Some of the story lines that would be fun to explore could be Avatar, Star Wars, Assassins Creed, Ninjas, Samurai, LOTR, Marvel, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, DC, Monster hunter, planet earth, and things of that nature (exploring video game stories would be fun).   During the time the players travel from universe to universe, they can not guarantee the exact time period they will land on a universe. So, they may go to the star wars universe during the old republic era but when they come back it may being during the clone wars.  

Species Base Stats

D20 system for keeping character stats on sheets.

Leveling Up

As you level up you gain ability points to use for stat increase, abilities, and/or spell boosts.


Use ability points to upgrade specific boosts to a class or add new class bonuses.


Workshop ideas


Dealing with different credits/money systems from different universes.

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