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One Year Since The Arrival of Silence

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At the dawn of time there were two beings: Separation and Unity. Unity was an aged man, who was drawn to cooperation and goodwill. Separation was a bitter, yet beautiful young woman whose selfish ambitions painted the empty void. Unity desired friendship and love with Separation, while she desired power and isolation. At the two grew weary of endless pursuit and avoidance, a third being came into being. This being was Settlement. Settlement was a powerful, youthful man who existed as a marriage between the two creator beings that came before him. Settlement had an ambition: to create myriad universes. He required the help of Unity and Separation to do so however. Separation agreed, taken with the initiative and purpose of the new being. Unity was reluctant, worried that Settlement would prove to steal Separation away from him. After they all agreed and the virgin universe was born from this beautiful unity of elder gods, Settlement decided to punish Unity for his reluctance. Wielding a halberd adorned with deers antlers, Settlement murdered Separation and split her into the 12 gods of the universe. Settlement elected a group of Justicars, warriors who would wield special weapons as visions of justice. Vowing to return to enact a final justice, Settlement left the multiverse. Unity was left alone in this new world he had helped create.   This new universe, named by it's only surviving creator, exists in four major continents. These are Mourdan, Miron, Xe'Onn, and Calypse. Calypse is the unpredictable, weathered land of the southern Deva council, who oversees the lands they inherited by decree of the gods. Xe'Onn is the untamed wilds far north of the central seas, controlled by a variety of Shardmind slavers. Miron is the far western land of Eladrin and Elf kings and tribals connected to the Feywild ruled by the fearsome Czar, characterized by deep lakes and rivers. Mourdan is the eastern continental kingdom of begotten men, characterized by towering mountains and a ruthless monastic dynasty.   Unity is characterized by four distinct periods of history: God-Slayer's Incursion Rise of Mourdan Monarchs Second Era Third Era   The first historical period was known as the God Slayer's Incursion. This was called this name because of one man who had come to be known as the God Slayer. His very literal slaying of gods prompted a war in the Astral Sea, resulting in the banishment of the God Slayer into the Silent Realm. The second period arose when the many Mourdan civil wars finally settled into a single war, participated in by mythical figure John Buttersnaps. At the end of this war, the Logan dynasty arose and unified Mourdan into a single continental kingdom. The Second Era began when Miron and Mourdan simultaneously discovered each other, sparking the first Continent War. The Third Era began 200 years after the Second Era, at the moment that Xe'Onn and Calypse was discovered by both Miron and Mourdan.