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Witches of United Britannia and Hibernia

Although witches exist on all continents, this work concentrates almost solely on the witches of United Britannia and Hibernia.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Last names have evolved many times over the centuries. Since most witch families can trace their families back several centuries, most last names are variations of the family's original surname (once the family acquired a surname, that is).

Other names

The naming of children is an important tradition among witches. Many witches are named after members of their family or based on figures from the family's chosen religious mythology.


Major language groups and dialects

All United Britannian and Hibernian witches read and write Latin and Ancient Greek, since most of their texts are written in those languages.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Families are at the center of witches' lives. Family loyalty is extremely important.   Birthdays are extremely important, as well as Family Founding Day. Most religions also have major holidays.   A United Brittanian witch is considered an adult on their 16th birthday (which, not coincidentally, is the age some graduate from the Institute). However, most witches live with their families until at least their early twenties and defer to their parents for major decisions.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Most families have a dedicated cemetery.

Common Taboos

It would be considered extremely inappropriate to not have the utmost respect for a family's patriarch and matriarch. Since the family is the central unit of a person's life, it would be considered offensive to not respect a family's oldest members.


Gender Ideals

Men and women are considered equal and are treated that way.

Relationship Ideals

Marriage, and the continuation of the family line, is very important to witches. Marriage is for love, but in some cases, the unity of two powerful families is considered over love. Alternative sexualities are widely accepted, but in that case, couples are encouraged to adopt children to continue the family line, if there are no others to do so.

Major organizations

Four countries exist in United Britannia and Hibernia: Brittania, Hibernia, Caledonia, and Cambria.   The Council and the Magisterium are both located in Ilyrium and govern all of United Britannia and Hibernia.   Almost all Britannian and Hibernian witches follow one of three religions: Nova Religio, Pantheonism, or Old Religion.

Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
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