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Visiting the Agora Quarter

Arcades, Bazaars, and Markets

The famed Agora Quarter, located in Ilyrium, attracts millions of visitors a year: native Ilyrians, other witches from United Britannia and Hibernia, and witches from all over the world flock to the quarter to shop, eat, and be entertained. Visiting the Agora Quarter is something native Ilyrians do two or three times a week, while witches from the wider UBH often visit monthly, if not a little more.


Alcazaar Arcade

  The Alcazaar Arcade is a leisure spot targeting kids and families: with its many athletic courts, gaming arcades, and toy stores, kids love a visit to the Alcazaar Arcade.

The Andromeda

One of the oldest parts of the quarter, The Andromeda is famous for its many theaters, music halls, and clothing shops. Besides the Circus of Wonders, The Andromeda draws the most visitors for a single event.

Arcade Nox

The Arcade Nox is a night market, open only from midnight to 6 am. Because of its short hours, those that own shops and stalls have other jobs, which has turned Arcade Nox into an underground economy for all things magical (and some things human). Vesper finds many things on Dark Magic here.

Bazaar Gemma

The Bazaar Gemma is for all things magic. Most people visit at least monthly as part of their jobs. Cian's favorite tarot card creator is housed here.

Bazaar Sana

Four streets worth of shops, stalls, and booths of spices, potion ingredients, and food.

Cathedral Arcade

With stained glass ceilings, Cathedral Arcade compromises a complex of shops to fulfill all religious adherents' needs. It is conveniently located adjacent the Sanctum.

Citadel Arcade

Citadel Arcade is a book market: antique, new, and everything in between.

Corvus Bazaar

An antique market that houses antique shops of all kinds. Vesper loves the antique books he finds here, even over the Citadel Arcade.

Dovetail Arcade

Covered gardens, cafes, boutiques, and other retail shops fill the airy Dovetail Arcade.

Duchessina Market

The Duchessina Market is famous for its luxury goods, including clothing, jewelry, and antiques. Vesper gets all of his clothing here.


The Galleria is a mishmash of different shops, cafes, and restaurants. Because of its proximity to the Scholarum, it is a popular attraction for teens and young adults. Most in that age bracket visit the Galleria at least twice a month.

Grand Bazaar

So aptly named because it is the largest part of the Agora District, with hundreds of shops of all kinds. Because of its size, it is a popular spot for tourists.

Market Sylva

Market Sylva is a plant and flower market, with dozens of flower shops, carts, gardens, and greenhouses. Vesper visits with his grandfather at least weekly; it's amongst his favorite things to do.

Nickels Arcade

Nickels Arcade is a covered mall full of specialty food and retail shops. Aglaia's Jewelry is located here.

Odessa Passage

The Odessa Passage is full of pubs, inns, restaurants, and cafes. Because of Ilyrians' love of dining out, many people visit the Odessa Passage once a week or more. Cian loves to pub crawl here.

Philomela Market

The Philomela Market is all things fashion, with some of the most luxurious fashion designers having shops here.

Watertown Arcade

The Watertown Arcade is composed of a number of offices, shops, and cafes. Cian's Tarot Readings is located here.

Westminster Court

Westminster Court is a shopping and leisure area that targets families.

Wickham Square

Wickham Square boasts luxury hotels and spas, shops and stalls that cater to tourists, as well as the most restaurants of any arcade, bazaars, or markets in the Agora Quarter.


The Agora Quarter is located in Ilyrium, directly next to the Imperium .


There are no fees associated with simply visiting the Agora Quarter; however, individual markets, arcades, and bazaars may have fees associated with entrance.


Because it is a District, it can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, most markets, bazaars, and arcades have set hours, although the hours vary widely.   The most popular bazaars, markets, and arcades keep long hours, as shoppers come at all times of day and night.

Vesper's favorites

Corvus Bazaar (Because: antique books) Market Sylva (Because: Grandad) Arcade Nox (Because: Dark Magic)
by Pexels
Duchessina Market (Because: vanity)

Cian's favorites

Watertown Arcade (Because: his business)
by Pexels
Bazaar Gemma (Because: best tarot cards) Odessa Passage (Because: the best pubs)

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Author's Notes

All images from Pixabay, under a Pixabay License.   Most of these names are fictional; however, I did steal a few: Odessa Passage (Ukraine), Queens Arcade (Wales), and Cathedral Arcade (Australia).   It's been awhile, World Anvil, but I'm back with some more ridiculous ideas!

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