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From the tropical sands of the Kankoan coast, to the dense misty Luquoian forests, to Vejanacci's flashing lights, Azuma's frigid boreal mountaintops, charming rural cottages of Iris Creek, log cabins scattered amongst the Therranian redwoods, to the lush ferns and palms of Availae springs– the world is broad and beautiful with many stories to tell. And, of course, many unique individuals walk the realm; rogue travelers, bold sailors, kings of godly rite, simple townsfolk, and many, many more living lives spanning from the most grandiose and adventurous to simplistic and mundane. To count every story, journey, and legacy on the planet of Novea would be impossible to any mere mortal– however, what we mortals can do is cherrypick some of these stories and tell them. We can choose some of Novea's most intriguing cases throughout history; the characters, places, and events that are defining of the world itself. Extraordinary, tragic, wonderful, and completely, undeniably strange.




Luquoian Legends

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