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UnderNeath Opposing Suns (UNOS)

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A desert world, trapped between two blazing suns. Rotations occur, but never is there darkness. The perpetual daylight has led to the desert surface of becoming so hot, that mere contact instantly melts many materials, human beings notwithstanding. The world is mostly covered in this sand, which makes traversal fairly tricky. However, for reasons entirely lost on even the brightest of scholars, there are spots that aren't as hot. Some are reasonable, some are temperate, and some are even cold.   The largest of these "islands" is Cha Tesid, where mankind began. Surrounded by a ring of glass where the hot and cold ground clash (known as the Hemitt Line), it serves as both ancient home and center of government. A massive city spans across almost the entirety of the zone, dictated over by a municipal government that serves the greater republic. Grass does grow here, with more typically arid flora such as cacti thriving near the Hemitt Line.   There are two ways to cross the sand: by sand truck, and by gyrone. Trucks are gigantic vehicles, treated for the intense heat of the great erg. Think of them as "boats" for the sand, and the most common sight beyond the Hemitt Line. Gyrones are one- to two-man flying machines. Relatively new, but becoming more and more affordable and common as time advances. A single traveler is best using a gyrone, providing they have the skill to both operate and facilitate their machine.

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Two seperate races of people occupy and share the various islands of Unos. Humans were the first to strike out into the erg, as they were the first to discover and learn how to manipulate nemalnium. They are joined by the agamians, a species of reptilian humanoids of varying scale colors and a high breeding rate. The two species tend to get along, especially in the modern day, but racial scuffles aren't unheard of.   After the terrible Hate Era, there was formed a mighty Union that now governs the world. It acts as a central force, to prevent open warfare and encourage discussion of opinion in its stead.     People live day to day as a means of both surviving and thriving. Many respectable and recognized professions exist, from operations like sifting (mining) and hunting, to privateerism and merc work. Many young people choose to leave their homes and go across the sands in search of something more, often finding mundanity in life aboard a truck, or an untimely death in the sand.

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