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Humans are the dominant species on Unos. While fewer in number than agamians, their reptilian cousins, they still carry superior power, prowess, and pride. Humans were the first to strike out into the erg, the first to create common technology such as the sand truck and the coolsuit, and the first to discover {solar mutation}.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Unlike the humans of the real world, this version of mankind evolved to be a lot more considerate of things around them. Resource extinction isn't a thing in this world, neither is racism (at least not anymore).

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Humans can be found on any island that comforts them, and a few that don't.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

"Family" as an entity never caught on in human culture. Instead, a person is literally named of their parents. The traditional name structure of a human is as follows: "<name> of <father> and <mother>".   Because not every person has two parents, some people are named after only one, and sometimes not named at all. These "one-named" or "no-named" people tend to become societal outcasts, being referred to as lesser for simply lacking parentage.   Changing your name isn't a legal right, at least not in the Union. Those wishing to add a name to their lacking namesake must do so beside the eyes of the law, and usually for a price. The "name market", as it's called, is populated with countless names, usually of unmournable miners or long-missing people. If you're indebted, some sharks will accept your name as recompense.

Major Organizations

Gender Ideals

Socially, men and women are identical. Disability is treated with great care, and pregnancy is considered a disability in the eyes of the workforce, but this is one of the only gender-specific stipulations there is.

Courtship Ideals


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Men and women meet, date, fall in love and couple, much like they do in our world. Dating is relatively different; since Unos lacks night, mealtime isn't the "go-to" option for such engagements. Sightseeing or show attendance are by far the most common place for a date.   While the act of coupling is still a private affair, the concept is not nearly as taboo as it is in our world. It's actively taught in the education system, and censorship of nudity is only done by request of the nude person.   Men and women are socially equal, but they are not so romantically. Homosexuality is a large social taboo. It's not illegal, as mankind has evolved past using such barbaric methods of hiding what they don't like, but it's not socially acceptable. Homosexual people find peace in private, and on very specific islands. But publically, people simply don't talk about it.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

  • Old Tongue (no longer in use)
  • Modern Tongue

Historical Figures

Common Myths and Legends

Humans created Solism, and the various stories and tales that go with it. One such myth, the tale of Qrelom, forms the basis of morality in human culture.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

When humans and agamians met, they didn't get along very well. It took a few hundred years for both cultures to mutually accept one another, a period known to historians as the Integration Era. These days, however, humans and agamians get along fairly well, often living together in relative harmony. Racism does spark up every so often, but it's a social taboo and isn't acceptable in most public situations.
Scientific Name
Homo sapien
90-110 years
Average Height
5-7 ft.
Average Weight
100-200 lbs.

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