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Kraylin is a major trading port city on the corner of Arisilon at the mouth of the Rhea River just south of the Gulf of Valshin.   Its location is central to shipping from Drynthia to Crynthia, as it is the main stopover point. Near the Falcron Empire, it also serves as the closest major port city. The bays of Kraylin are famously deep and this allows for some of the best shipyards outside of what is seen in Crynthia.   The Sardæ also commonly make this a stopover point, though they rarely show the colors of their land when doing so. As long as the Sardæ mind their actions, they are never hassled for the actions elsewhere on the waters.  


Kraylin is a city of curvy roads surrounding the thirteen hills it is built upon. It is very difficult to find a street running straight form more than several hundred yards. Those not familiar with the city can get lost quickly.   Much of the city is built around commerce and about every third building is a business of some kind, often doubling as a house for a family on the upper floors.   Kraylin is a mix of many species. Though humans are probably the most populous minority and generally the leaders of the city, all races are represented. Each race brings their own architecture and flair to the city in how it is constructed.   Additionally, because of the lax culture in Kraylin where about anything vice can be bought, it has a large element of visitors and tourists from other cities. Many of the visitors own property within Kraylin and this tends to representational of the visitor's home city.   However, the need to compete within Kraylin is fierce and this shows up in all of the architecture. Garish colors are used to distinguish buildings. Architecture is elaborated to sometimes ridiculous extremes, highlighting the most flamboyant nature of each culture. This, in turn, creates a sometimes unlikely caricature of the society's architecture as it is melded with other cultures. This had fed off of itself for centuries and now some buildings supposedly in the style of this city or that are barely recognizable as such.  


The government of Kraylin is a corrupt plutocracy that caters to the whims of its populace only as a means of gaining power.   The central government is that of the Guild Lords. Currently, 59 guild lords exist. To be a Guild Lord, one needs to have sixty ships registered with the Harbormaster. Becoming a Guild Lord is often made more difficult because as one nears sixty ships, unlucky accidents befall their existing ships at an alarming rate.   The Guild Lords are their immediate followers are usually considered the First Citizens of Kraylin. Having a suitable wealth standing also grants the title of First Citizen.   Under the Guild Lords are the Judges currently numbers 384. They are little more than mercenary bands hired out by the Guild Lords to keep the peace. The Judges are the captains of the mercenary bands. They roam the city in assigned sectors acting as judge, jury, and executioner. They have the full mandate to act as they see fit with regards to any not ranked First Citizen or above. While corrupt, they also effectively keep the peace and understand that if they disrupt the city's harmony too much, they will soon find themselves out of a job and probably dead.   To be a first citizen, one is required to own at least 6 ships registered with the harbor master. This implies that a visiting foreigner could also be a 1st citizen provided they came with 6 of their own ships.   The harbormaster has specific guidelines on what constitutes a worthy ship.  


All gods except Grethello are worshipped in the city. Ramian Fax enjoys a strong following, though its leaders are secret.  

The Games

One of the most notorious aspects of Kraylin is the Gladiatorial Games. Held once a week on Last Day, they offer largely free entertainment to the city. With a high number of slaves, thrill seekers, and indebted individuals seeking freedom from debt, there exists and an ample number of gladiators fighting for the entertainment of the masses.   A secondary class of citizens known as Pit Lords has developed over the centuries. Similar to the Guild Lords but not nearly as powerful as they usually don't have much interest in the commerce of shipping, they still enjoy a considerable autonomy around the city.


Large city
1 Million plus

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