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Dragon - 3 Types

Three types of dragons exist on Camoray. None are indigenous to the planet.  

Standard Dragon

This dragon conforms to the typical fantasy dragon. Generally, any dragon out of a monster manual will be this type of dragon. A magical beast, intelligent, has a breath weapon, and hoards treasure.   Their origin is through the World Gate from Gashmyr. No one knows when the first dragon arrived on Pyrideon, though it was likely in the first age sometime.  

Flight Dragon

These great beasts are more aptly listed as an animal rather than a sentient creature. Little is known about them. They came from the sister planet to Pyrideon, Vrask. How they arrived on Vrask, no one knows either.     They are massive in size, with wingspans nearly a mile wide. The flight dragons get their name from the great migrations they perform every decade. Once every ten years, hundreds if not thousands of the dragons migrate east to west and then back again ten years later. They can be seen off the northern coasts of Arisilon as they fly by in great flocks. It is believed that they travel around the world going from one side of the supercontinent of Mashapoloopa to the other side.   What little is known about them is actually from when they were studied on Vrask. They are extremely fragile, untrainable and truthfully, even if they could be trained, they couldn't carry much of a load. They are also all vegetarian, their sharp molars made for crushing plant matter. However, due to their size, they will occasionally eat small animals unlucky enough to get caught up. As far as can be told, they are not magical and lack any form of breath weapon.  

Dragon Lords

The great dragon lords of Mashapaloopa only appeared after Coalescence. Many believe they might have existed on Nakir beforehand, or possibly even a different world.   What is known is that many of them are extremely powerful. The most powerful tend to rule over large sections of the continent, some having ranges nearing a 1000 miles in radius. They are extremely powerful and compare closer to gods in power than other dragons.   Their society among themselves is rigidly based where one rules completely over all the other dragon lords in their area. In fact, it is not uncommon for lesser dragon lords to forego the appearance of being a dragon around their respective lord so as to not incur their wrath. Whatever the reason, the dragons are extremely hostile to any other assuming draconian appearance. And for this reason, no standard dragons are found on Mashapaloopa.   It is speculated by many scholars that these dragons are actually energy beings and the dragon form is their natural physical manifestation, though from experience, they can choose any form of any size they wish.   The actual lords of each dominion, as it is often called, tend to be of an immense size, some with wingspans nearing a mile.   A special group of these lords is the Matrons and the Kings. These dragons have taken under their control some sort of following, usually a city-state or small nation. With regards to their city or nation, they view it as part of their treasure. As such, they will protect it viciously, while at the same time feel it is theirs to do with as they see fit. Some of the dominions, like that of Si'Nassapherion, are relatively peaceful and the citizens enjoy a high quality of life. Others are maniacal in nature and the average citizens live in constant slavery and fear.

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