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Coterie Tar Isovral

House Motto: The Darkness Shelters
Nickname: The Refuge House
Colors: Purple on Black Background
Alternate Symbols: A Black Cat
Sphere of Control: Magical Defense
  As the second house of the great houses of Chrailis, they have few dealings with anyone outside of the Aristocracy. The Refuge House refers to many of the new additions added to the house ranks in the early years. Many take it for representing the humans fleeing the orc raids who fled to Chrailis from First Dawn Lake. Those with greater understanding know this to be an error as it truly does represent those taken in from the wilderness into Tar Isovral.   They prefer to work through the lesser houses. As one of the two main magical houses, they work closely with both the Alchemists and Arcane Guilds.   This house focuses more on the magical defense of Chrailis. When it comes to matters of the interaction with nearby Quirk Woods, this house is likely involved. Additionally, this is the house largely in charge of the world gates within Chrailis. When the gate is found near Canton, they assume command of that gate also due to its proximity and the dangers of the harbinger threat.   The symbols on the flag are a pair of swords crossed over a staff in reference to defense. To either side are the three suns, Dalsharnik, Seriat, and Azura. The black cat is indicative of the preferred form of the initial ruling elder of the house (see below). The bottom symbol may be some type of compass, its meaning not commonly known.   The first elder of the house as Tak'shiggadan. He was commonly seen in the form of a black cat. While house cat may be appropriate, that his form was often seen nearly ten feet tall at the shoulders and forty foot from head to tail, house cat doesn't really fit.   Mentioned members: Factor Gemmera in Chapter 14. She gives Aja the passkey.

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