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Rex Pass, Capital Peninsula

(cover image: real estate listing for the "razor house," Alicia Keys' La Jolla, CA home. Imagine this but on a much larger scale as the facility.)

Purpose / Function

Built upon the founding of the Allied Union by Presidents @Poe Langseh and @Aeneid Beausiraine shortly after the completion of the main facility, Rex Pass was initially designed as a military barracks and stronghold, but later became a residential area for interns studying from the leading Union Members. Most of the battalion-like infrastructure has been removed from the site, and what remains has been repurposed to best serve the interns residing there.


The newest additions to the facility include a fully functional planetarium, a multi-level library//observatory, and a terraced garden section.


The architecture of the building is a mix of stone, marble, metal, and glass, an ultramodern version of what a grand cathedral would look like.
Alternative Names
the planetarium, Fringe's hideaway, shadow over Medlana
Government complex
Owning Organization

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