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Uncharted Territory

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[Cover image: "Lonely Pine Tree" by Finchwing]
(i'm tired i'll finish this when i have the energy)   Uncharted Territory is a post-modern dystopian novel project focused on the successes and failures of conformative societies.   After a third World War on Earth, space travel and planetary colonisation became a necessary component in the survival of humans as a species, thus sparking a new era in interplanetary relations. After many decades of many disputes, the societies of Earth, Querencia, New Eden , Nolarr-B22, Mars, Yinnixzie, and Farliye joined together to form the Allied Union of Planets , who have as of recently been busy at work restoring the peace of all galaxies.   19-lund- old (22-year-old) Indelliou "Indy" Burrell found himself nation-less at the age of 16 lunds during the Wars of Jakarta, a years-long battle between his native Provincitou ni Trevia (Province of Trevia) and their neighbours Reginioua ni Jakarta (The Jakarta Region) that ended in the fall of Trevia and the enslavement of its residents, the Trevians . Indy and his sister Reagin, attending University in Krillou, Capital Peninsula at the time of the final battle that tore his homeland apart, were spared from capture, though everyone they knew from their home was taken away.   fuelled by outrage at the lack of response from the people of his native planet Querencia, Indy finished his studies and dove headfirst into an Intelligence Apprenticeship with one of the greatest Intelligence Ambassadors of all of the Union's history, Malachai Fringe . The internship landed both him and his sister leadership roles on the Lauriette Starship Bravada , a force of the Union's leading individuals seeking to chart out the galaxies and spread their message of hope and tranquillity.   But outrage is a dangerous thing to be fuelled by, and Indy's own quest for vengeance soon puts the entire Bravada crew in danger. Will he be able to save himself for the sake of his friends and family, or will they all crumble?   (Note: Please keep in mind that this is my first novel project of the dystopian genre, and I'm still working out where I want this story to go. Information given throughout this worldbuilding page is subject to change, and I apologise for any discrepencies and such. That being said, I openly welcome any and all feedback, suggestions, questions, etc! Comments should be open on all pages. Thanks for reading, everyone!)

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