It was then I felt a strange presence— like I was being watched. Perhaps it was no more than the atawm at my back expediating the onset of my panic-induced insanity. Yet, as I hung for dear life on the side of a preciptious cliff— some unknown force caused a stone to fall loose, creating just the foothold I needed to find my way back to safety.
— A thankful wanderer
  Dreamers are those who possess restlesss spirits— and wander the world even in their sleep. Dreamers are unseen as they dream, except by one another— though their actions can be just enough to change someone's life.  


  Once a dreamer finds themselves embraced by the arms of sleep— they will awaken suddenly in an intangible body. A dreamer's dream-body is a clearer representation of their spirit— though these forms are not as pure as yah. This translucent form may loosely resemble their waking body, but it is slightly obscured and gently undulates to an unseen rhythm. If one were to attempt to focus their vision upon a dreamer in this state— their form would only obscure itself further. This is, of course— if one could actually see a dreamer.   Dreamers cannot be seen by those who are awake— only in fleeting moments by other dreamers. What's more— dreamers do not remember their dreams. As a result, very few individuals are even aware of their existence— most dreamers don't even know what abilities they possess until they fall asleep once again.  


Dreamers are only marginally faster than when they are awake, though they can pass through solid objects and adhere themselves to surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Saawkamut dreamers who have mastered their wupawk can utilize them while dreaming— which are entirely unladen by spiritual weight in this state, allowing them to fly across and observe the entirety of Umqwam with great speed.   When a dreamer awakens, however, they will find themselves once again wherever they had fallen asleep— as if nothing had ever happened.

Unseen Forces

  Dreamers cannot interact with the waking world the same way they would in their daily lives— they cannot touch, hold, or otherwise physically interact with objects or living beings. Similarly, while they can speak— they cannot be heard. Each has a single exception per dream, however— allowing them to touch, hold, move, speak, or whisper once and only once until they sleep again. These interactions are also limited, they cannot lift heavy objects, shout, or directly harm living things. Similarly, they cannot move objects very far or hold them for too long.   A law of singles applies to each of these. One action. One thing per action. For example— when speaking to the awakened, a dreamer can say but one word— to one individual. A dreamer could reload someone's pistol— but only with one bullet, or cause only one bottle on a rack of many to fall.  
I swear, th' thing must'a grown legs n' walked off! I ain't seen m' hat anywhere it's s'posed t' be!
— De-hatted stranger

Butterfly Effect

Particularly clever dreamers can utilize their single actions to great effect. For example, one such dreamer simply misplaced a military scribe's pen.   When news of the approaching enemy had first reached the scribe— they were unable to set it to paper as immediately as required.   By the time they found the pen again, their memory of the information was already imperfect— causing their army to be sent to the wrong location as the enemy was free to attack their city.

Fleeting friends

Dreamers can only be seen and heard by other dreamers— however, they can only see and hear one another in random, brief moments. These moments are often too brief for more than a simple hello— but in some cases, these dreamers are able to ask for aid, or share information between one another.  
If we each hide one of his shoes— he won't step outside!
— One dreamer to another


Author's Notes

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24 Dec, 2020 04:56

This is an interesting article. I really like that the dreamers do not realize, while awake, what they are doing in their dream-walking. How common are dreamers in your society/world? When they first fall asleep and enter their intangible state, is this always in the same location as where they fell asleep?

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24 Dec, 2020 06:12

Thank you! I'd say they're around 15% of the population, common enough for everyone to have encountered them once or twice in their lives but not so common they're part of everyone's day to day.   When they first fall asleep they awaken right above their sleeping bodies, which makes the situation all the more easy to quickly grasp.

24 Dec, 2020 08:02

Love this article--from the quotes to the dream realm impact on the awakened. So many cool little details in there! Also, I love the design you have for this world--the texturing gives it some extra oomph and it's so slick! :)

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Thank you! I'm glad I finally got around to this one.

24 Dec, 2020 16:30

This is really cool. I like that they can interact with one thing only, but that this one thing can have long lasting implications. The quote at the beginning really sums that up, I think. :D

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Garrett Grace Lewis
24 Dec, 2020 19:03

Thanks! Yeah I wanted to be careful so they didn't have an incredible amount of power— but could still change things drastically if they used it right.

7 Jan, 2021 21:26

This is so good, I love the ideas worked into this. The mental picture of dreamers being able to see fleeting moments other dreamers is great -- everything sounds so ethereal and mysterious, great stuff!

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