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Pian Calda

The kingdom of Pian Calda began as a simple settlement for the Sol'uomu, which evolved with them into the massive religious based kingdom it is today. It is bordered by the sea La Marina and has the river Il Fiume Giallo running through it. Both of these features promotes mass fishing by the sea and easy growing and harvesting of crops by the river. These two features allow them to become a major food exporting nation as well as trading capital. It resides in the plain of La Piansecca of which is constantly dried and rain falling is not a very common occurrence. It is governed by the Regno di Giorno, which has King Giorno Caldiano The IV as its head. The second division of power is La Chiesa del Solite which is the religious force of the nation. Almost all of the residents of Pian Calda participate in the church as it is the base and center of the entire kingdom and its people. These religious roots affected everything, including the way the city was built, causing grandiose and fanciful buildings to adorn every street.


Racially, Pian Calda isn't very socially diverse as other cities being made up of 76% Sol'uomu, with the other 24% of races being a vast mix. Economically there are three classes being Higher, Middle, and Lower with 92% of the population being Middle. 5% is Higher and this encompasses influential traders and the kings court. The final 3% are peasants or urchins who live in fear outside the walls as that is the only place they can financially afford legally. When it comes to the job market, 34% are fishers, 25% are farmers, and 13% are builders. Drifters occupy 11% of the job market and the final 17% are everything else.


Pian Calda is ran by a monarchy, meaning that the kings blood is the next in line of power, however it is ran differently than most monarchies as the people can veto any decision the king makes through a popular vote.


Being a generally peaceful people they only hold walls and watchtowers. However they do keep a guard of protectorates known as Le Guardie Del Sole, which people shorten to Sun Guards.

Industry & Trade

Pian Calda is the top producer of food and fish across the entire continent. It also varies a vast market which allowed it to become one of the best market cities.


After the the kingdom evolved from a simple settlement, mass expansion took place. This including many houses and settlements. The main constructions that took place consisted of shipyards, the castle, and ,most importantly to Pian Calda, La Chiesa del Solite.

Guilds and Factions

There are three major forces of Pian Calda. The first being Regno di Giorno. Regno di Giorno is the government force of Pian Calda. It is a monarchy, however the kings power can be veto'd by the people via a popular vote. The second is La Chiesa del Solite. La Chiesa del Solite is the religious organization that follow and believe in Solite for his gift of life to them. Most Sol'uomu follow Solite and religion is incorporated heavily into their lifestyle. Finally, there is the Moon Mafia. There are an organized crime association ran by the mafia boss Luna Caldiono. They are named as such not only for their bosses name, but also that they strictly work during the night, and that night in Sol'uomu culture is considered a time of crime as it is the opposite of day which the church and their god represents, tying their roots to religion even further.


Pian Calda originated as a small settlement set up by early Sol'uomu. As time went on the Sol'uomu evolved and began constructing a bigger city. They eventually went on to build an entire kingdom, centering itself of La Chiesa del Solite which was built on what is known as the Radiant Sun, the deity charged object that brought the Sol'uomu into being from their early state.


The architecture is all grand and magnificent, especially the important buildings such as churches and government buildings. It is all to impress Solite. Houses are villas for the most part and are constructed of mainly wood with some stone pieces where government buildings and churches are made of mainly stone.


Pian Calda resides on the coast of La Marina, and has the river Il Fiume Giallo running through it. The surrounding area is a dried grassland known as La Piansecca, which has been claimed by the Wildlands for the most part.

Natural Resources

Coastal Resources such as Fishing, Coastal Plants such as Olives, Dry and Hardy Plain Plants such as Wheat
Large city
Location under
Owning Organization

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