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Session 65 Fighting Esmerelda and Demons, Nameless gets Serpent Birthmark

General Summary

120th Day After Esmerelda announces that this will be the last day for the leaders, with everyone shocked Esmerelda motions to Tentance to begin the show Tentance is disappointed to see Prince Wat in the meeting, mentioning that this wasn't part of the deal Esmerelda says it doesn't matter and he should do his part Tentance then summon 4 great demons and 4 lesser demons and says that will be all he does since she didn't upheld her part of the deal Tentance then teleports himself and the other demon away Annoyed, Esmerelda says it wont matter this will be enough The 4 great demons then attack the leaders The great demon that attacks Vhaul stabs Gylledhia and splits her into 2, but after a second an afterimage fades and the PCs see the queen saved by the black knight and the black knight attacking the demon back sending it out of the conference, Steve then sings a song to boost everyone in the meeting and runs after the queen and black knight The great demon that attacks Esso directs it attack at king Esso but it blocked by hitting Anger, Anger with the demon claw stabbing him rages and grow twice as big as the demon and grabs King Esso to safety, before leaving he orders Temper and Fury to kill the other demons The great demon that attacks Big Dale gets counter spelled by George and and teleported away by Seven, George says he will be back once he takes care of the demon The great demon that attacks Tandeno strikes at Wortinmyer but is deflected by tentacles coming out of Wortinmyer, Wortinmyer then grabs the demon with his other tentacles and drags him into a void created under his garb, the demon tries to claw out but is fully devoured and Wortinmyer escapes into a void The PCs then all feel the desire to complete a specific task that was assigned to them The PCs and the rest of the leaders meeting then begin fighting the demons and Esmerelda Each nation fights a demon themselves with the PCs helping fight any one that nearby and Esmerelda Prince Wat terrified runs to the corner to hide During the battle, Tracie seems to be not herself and talking in tongue that no one understands Tracie is able to summon the undead which she wasn't before after speaking in tongue Nameless notices the weird sayings but is unable to distinguish them Isabella, wearing her fire amulet, starts to feel hot and sweats a lot after using her attacks While attacking the demons and Tracie's summons, Finnbar kills Tracie When Tracie drops, Nameless quickly runs over to hopefully heal her but is unable to With one last hope, Nameless gives Tracie a kiss and the snake birthmark that Tracie had slithered into Nameless's mouth and onto his neck 120th Day
Report Date
05 May 2022

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