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I don't remember much about the attack itself, the man was behind me so I couldn't see any details of his physical appearance. The one thing I remember most of the incident was a sharp scream, and suddenly my attacker let go of me. It must've been minutes before I had the courage to turn around and see what happened, but when I did, I found the street completely empty.   There was no trace of another human being in sight, certainly not of one capable of being an attacker on top of it all. I would have called sooner but all my personal items that the man stole from me were gone as well, I probably sat on the curbside for half an hour before a shuffling noise startled me. Behind me, a strange man slid down the wall with my items in hand; he was of average height and build, with a mask.   "Did you think this man was your attacker?"   Oh certainly not, he returned my items, intact, and asked if I was okay before surveying the scene for evidence. Much more else escapes me and I'm not sure why he was a nice kid.   "Are there any special traits about this man to you could give us?"   What, to thank him? I know what you want to do, you want to arrest this kid, but listen to me when I say that would be a bad move. There was a unique symbol on the back of his jacket, it took up the whole area and looked like a painting. There were three pillars, unique in shape, size, and style, that converge at their peaks, it resembled a mountain or triangle made of parallel lines. With white text wrapped out that read something like, 'Too young to die soft, too old to live innocent."
In the mid-5600s a trio of teenage rebels grew in popularity across Meta; known as 'Trifecta' the group made a name for themselves largely in attacking and disbanding criminal and black-market organizations.

Too young to die softly, too old to live innocently.

Founding Date
Illicit, Syndicate

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