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Southern Union Guild of Otherworld Technology

Based in a town in south-western Union in the center of a town called Bahía Vista, this guild centers around more advanced and unknown forms of technology, science, and magick. The guild has several branches under its guise, each with its own base outside the host settlement. While it is not the biggest gathering of technology and science scholars, it is well known for the quality of equipment used, documents produced, and procedures developed.   Of the guild's branches, there are eight total including; Otherworld Technology, Newworld Technology, Voidism, Technical Science, Biotechnology, Arcana Technologica, Science of Arcana, and Biomarine Technological Development & Surveillance.  

Otherworld Technology

The namesake and the main branch of the Guild, the 'otherworld' in otherworld technology refers to the past incarnations of Ultimus. This branch often seeks out knowledge from well-versed explorers and academic masters. The base of this branch is directly connected to the main base of the Guild; the center portion of the base is reserved for a large open library museum intersection. Every found item, article of research, prototype, model, and artifacts are stored here, each entry has a corresponding book full of information about its culture, purpose, and popularity. These books also include theories, comments, check-out sheets, and reports from visitors and members of the guild.   Within the base are four main halls, each one with its own incarnation to study; however, it is not unheard of to have two or more join in efforts and collaborations. As oftentimes an older piece of technology is recreated or improved on as the years go by.  

New-World Technology

The latest branch to be officiated, New-World Technology focuses solely on the tech of the current incarnation.   The modern world of Ultimus is unique compared to its previous incarnation, as there isn't a single uniform of technology. Instead, how advanced or primitive the tech in a region depends entirely on the region itself, its culture, and exposure or interaction to the rest of the world. Some regions live solely on vegetation and animals, or natural resources such as wood and stones, and others are a sort of futuristic cyberpunk region.   Similar to its sister branch, that of New-World Technology has an entire section of its base, located just west of Bahía Vista, with a library museum intersection. The only difference between the design of the base and it's subject is that each hall studies a different quarter of the world, and the subject matter is much more modern.  


This branch of the guild is the smallest in size, a mere handful belongs to it and their base is hidden amongst coastal caverns to the west, in order to protect the settlement from potential dangers. It focuses on the scientific approach and study of 'Voidism', a type of supernatural new magick that harvests black matter for a variety of uses.   Voidism is very dangerous, however, as and manipulating black/dark matter can easily set it off into an explosive reaction if not done right. For this reason, many pioneers of Voidism have been deeply studied and combed through hundreds upon thousands of times. One such pioneer is the well-known and respected former head of the Gladius family, Lady Gladius. She took up Voidism after learning of the nearly endless potential it held. She created and documented a safe and secure way to handle, transport, and store matter used for Voidism; as well as behavior and reactions under certain temperatures, pressure, and times of neglect.   This detailed information, along with that collected from many of Voidists, helps create a modern scientific take on the phenomenon. The Guild has begun to integrate special machinery to maintain the matter and almost 'clone' it.   Medical and biological feats are amongst the first for this new technological testing ground, but very little information on the experiments, procedures, or outcomes can be found outside the guild itself. This leads to many speculating the worst of what could be happening within the branch.  

Technical Science

The school of Technical Science is one of the Guild's largest branches, but its base is approximately the same size as that of the Voidism branch. This is because many members are set up in places all over Ultimus to study, experiment, and record technology, its effects, and often its purpose. This branch focuses largely on the numbers of it all, how well do certain machines work, what changes have improved it and how? What source of energy affects this technology, is there a way to exploit each variation and what are the outcomes?   In more ways than one they are considered the direct opposite of the Voidism branch; they release all findings, are quite well-known, and choose whole-heartedly to sty away from anything magick or supernatural related.   Popular outposts for this branch outside of Bahía Vista include; Head of Mourn, Edipherous, Remnants of The Halo Empire, and its sister guild, The Southern Meta Guild of Technical Science.


Biotech is where life and scientific technology converge; Like Voidism, biotech is highly experimental and fairly new.   One of the branch's highest accomplishments is the invention of tech-toos, a form of bionanotech injected into the skin in the form of a tattoo with many variations to perform different tasks. This includes the trademark monitoring tech-too style, which every member of the Guild itself receives, and helps the members keep track of health numbers. They could also be used to track someone, should they be in danger or missing, and can be programmed by the wearer for additional uses.

Arcana Technologica

An intersection of magick and technology, this branch is successful in merging the two, to create a diverse and versatile age. Many forms of these merges often help in everyday life but aren't always available to everyone as certain regions are more or less advanced than others.   One such creation from the merge was the Fulgur Arca Archa. A contraption that holds manic or electric energy, trapped with runes and wards to prevent it from exploding outward and harming others. This item is largely region-locked to Union but many other versions of the device harnessing other forms of energy and magic exist.

Science of Arcana

This branch is the second least popular branch, second only to that of Voidism, solely for the lack of demand. This branch studies forms of magick and supernatural items or events, creating laws and scientific explanations for each entry. Many of these laws and explanations, while applied to many entries, have too many exceptions to be accepted. Only a small list of these laws and explanations have been documented as irrefutable.

Biomarine Technological Development & Surveillance

The Southern Union specialty, this branch is made up strictly of local citizens. Their focus is on developing technology to protect and study marine life and local eco-systems.

Public Agenda

The guild's goal is to discover the history behind three subjects, science, technology, and magick. They also hope to bring each one into their full potential, including techniques where two or more subjects are brought together.
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
Union Guild of Technology
Notable Members

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