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How to Be a Decent Person

"How to Be a Decent Person," is a series of posters set up by an unknown group of people. While each poster design has a few copies, it is rare to see more than one each version in close vicinity to each other. The original batch included topics such as; greetings and farewells, ordering and dining etiquette, as well as less important topics like accepting compliments or how to pet a dog. The 'project' has grown immensely and now features illustrations and handwritten text from a variety of anonymous contributors.


The posters started as a series of dares yet quickly became a phenomenon and a helpful, if not slightly insulting, guide to behaving in places all over Union. Each poster shows a new 'tip' and illustration, as well as translations in a number of common languages in case travelers try to read it. They demonstrate and ridicule behavior that is considered rude and insulting in the region, and alternate ways to achieve something.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Upon the initial launch of these posters, the public reaction was a mixture of annoyance and humor. Many found the sarcastic tone to be offensive to a degree and demanded they be taken down, while others thought it hilarious how the creators made not-so-subtle callouts to certain people of status for their behavior.   Over time, however, the public grew used to the posters and their contents and some even made their own variants of the posters as PSAs for behavior in certain types of buildings or languages.
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Author's Notes

I won't be writing the actual contents of these posters for a while because I do want to come up with good designs, but because I am also going to be swamped with work directly following Summercamp.

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