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Hollow Bloods

You Cannot Fear What Doesn't Exist

Written by Aeterno

[The following is a selection of excerpts from the late Professor Mourningfaun's notebooks]
I've never been one to believe in superstitions, especially ones with no tangible 'evidence' that it could be based on, but in my many years in this career there is something I've noticed to be mentioned far too often, and it has me mortified.
— First journal entry, notebook #11

Notebook #5

Basic Information


In their natural state Hollow Bloods are tall, lanky, pure black creatures that appear to be hunched over, only ever straightening up as a warning to other predators. Their bodies don't seem to be able to hold their natural state very well as observing it too long gives off the impression that it is more fluid than solid, like that of jello trying to stay together when being moved, and appears to be oozing off the very black its body holds. Typically quadrupedal will often walk on hind two in a bipedal position, large muscular limbs and a jagged skeletal structure that protrudes through some of the joints.

Ecology and Habitats

The original mother-location for Hollow Bloods has not been confirmed, but it is suggested to be the unexplored islands just west of the country of Auch which are said to be largely uninhabitable due to the harsh conditions. This is also coincidentally the cause of why the Hollow Bloods moved outward to new environments, all encounters of stories involving Hollow Bloods originate from coastal settlements.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Hollow Bloods are carnivorous and, after studying how a host species acts, will mimic their hunting and eating habits until they change back to their natural state. One thing seems to stand out though, no matter what species they mimic, Hollow Bloods cannot ingest any sort of vegetation, or else they risk getting severely sick and die. Depending on if the pack is migrating or not, they will store and carry along excess food, which will be held by the centermost individuals in the pack; following this, any caught food sources like livestock will be dragged along with and protected until it was time to feast.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Once the Unexplored Islands now can be found in coastal regions, especially largely wild forests.

Average Intelligence

Highly intelligent by default, however, the ability to think and comprehend can be hindered on what species they mimic at the time.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Cathemeral, active at both day and night times, very social creatures who prefer to hunt in small packs rather than alone. Extremely hostile on all grounds, violent and malicious to the point of acting cruel to their own members, no matter their placements. Supernatural sight, including the ability to see in the dark, and fairly good hearing like that of a wolf or fox. Shapeshifters that can alter their appearance and genetic code to mimic that of a chosen 'host' species, typically a major predator in the area.
73 years
Average Height
7 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Sleek, metallic black bodies, very rare to find markings of any sort. Those that do have markings are treated with extreme respect but are also held up to a higher standard than the rest of the pack, meaning they have to work harder to maintain their respect and placement.

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Author's Notes

It's 3AM and I kept changing everything I had pre-written here, a lot of more ideas are to come in the following days, will be updating sporadically when I wake up. In my downtime, I'll be working on sketching some things to add to the article to give it a more journal/notebook feel to it, as the concept is largely inspired by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci's notes and sketches!

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