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Deauthekam Yeouhin

Deauthekam Yeouhin is the name of an institute that Cantionis created to teach people important survival skills and knowledge some governments have banned or censored from their citizens. The institute started as a simple idea after an incident at Cantionis' Estate that involved a dead bird and a written threat of violence and war on the innocent from an unknown person. After some serious discussion from the whole of Trifecta, it was decided that they were in desperate need of help to neutralize the increase of destruction and senselessness in the world. This would spark the careful planning and designing of the future institute, and each member reached out to friends and connections to gather people who would be the leaders of the institute's individual schools.
The Institute was built in what began as a large plot of land in the middle-of-nowhere Meta to have plenty of space between the different school buildings and campus grounds. Because the layout for the Institue was so huge, many different groups of architects and construction crews had to be called in to complete the plans in a timely manner. These workers needed a place to sleep and access to basic needs like food and water, so merchants came and additional construction began to house all of these people, and would eventually give way to a new city built around the Institute before it was even complete. No one was clever enough to come up with a name for the city, but the residents refer to it simply as Deau, as so it kept.

The Institute

The Institue is comprised of several detached buildings including the main building, nine school buildings, nine dormitories, a handful of restaurants, sports fields, entertainment stages, garden areas, and parking.  

Main Building

The main building is, of course, the most important, here is where all the student and staff information is kept, along with records of events and other things of notes, the staff dorms, and is where all institute-wide meetings/rallies/announcements are held.  

Vis Academia

The red coded academy, focuses on various strengths and is lead by Lilith Siah.  

Decurro Academia

The pink coded academy focuses on speed and agility and is lead by Hanae.  

Facio Academia

The orange coded academy works on technology and weapons, is lead by Saffron Samara.  

Sapiencia Introversio Academia

The yellow coded academy of knowledge and spiritualism, lead by an unannounced character.  

Ascesis Academia

The green coded academy of Combat and training, lead by an unannounced character.  

Dimitto Academia

Multiple blue schools, each coded a different shade/tint, centered around escapes, chases, and getting away from heavy situations, all leaders have been unannounced.  

Sodalitas Ducatus Academia

Social and Leadership Academy, coded as lavender and other hues of purple, run by Cantionis.  

Continentia Academia

The white/pastel coded academy, students in all white study content and self-discipline as a way of life and knowledge while students in pastel colors chose this school as a secondary and combine the idea of self-discipline with disciplines that involve their first school. The leader is unannounced.  

Lateo Academia

The black coded school, whose main focus is that of stealth and recon based missions, this school is also a secondary to the primary schools and is lead by Forest.
More information on the individual schools and their leaders will be posted as more stories that involve said leaders are published.
DAY-uu-thay-kem Yee-OW-hin

Building Designs

Each building has a similar base design and style from which personalizations are made for their individual needs, the basics include:
  • A hefty two-story commons area large enough to fit each school's classes
  • Multiple classrooms that hold a maximum of 20 students each
  • Corresponding dormitories
  • Training rooms/Gyms
  • Small gardens
  • Small patches of undisturbed grass, for leisure uses like picnics
  • Extracurricular rooms based on the corresponding school building
Educational, University
Notable Members

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Author's Notes

DY has been an idea circling around my head, as with everything I've written on here, for a few years now and since the first story I've decided to post on WorldAnvil takes place towards the beginning of this project I thought it would be nice to post an article on the Institute as it will no doubt be mentioned a few times throughout the Flower Girls story.

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