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  "I know not what I am here for, but I hope it is for something good."   Thayli are creatures placed upon the world for a divine purpose. They take the form of mortals and are often not aware of their true nature. Under a certain set of circumstances, their divine nature will trigger. This can happen any time or sometimes only once. But when it does the personality of the person is drastically alter and often completely overwritten.   It is easy to assume that Thayli are here as divine protectors. But it is always beneficial to remember that not all the gods are good in their nature and neither are their servents.
Hybrid Races

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A Exceedingly Narativly Complicated Hybrid, Tier 2 Race

Medium Divine


Speed: Same as Base Race

Natural Armour: Same as Base Race + 1

Sences: Same as Base Race.

Ability Scores

+2 Total: +1 Wis, +1 Cha | Applied Over Base Racial Stats!


Heratige Based


Heratige Based

Natural Attack(s)

Derived from Base Race.

Racial Proficiencies

Base Racial Profciencies + Religon Experise

Racial Languages

Same as Base Race

Racial Features

Unknowing Agent

Critical Feature
Unknown to even yourself you are a sleeper agent of a drastically higher power. Under the right circumstance, you may very well make the switch back to your original purpose. | Upon character creation, make a second profile for your character. They may have a different class and skill setup but the same fundamental stats and appearance. This second persona should have a pre-set assortment of tasks and motivations set my your creator, which may be radically different or even opposing to you original personas. Under the right set of pre-determined circumstances your character will make a one-way-shift into this second psyche; Swapping out any class level and skills needed. What triggers this change is up to you, your DM and their discretion, though it should always be in line with your creator's original intentions (the entity that made you). Once shifted, you will inherit all of the memories, knowledge and sympathies of your original character along with the memories of your prime directive. Only once your prime directive has been achieved will you revert back to your original psyche, maybe never to have the other part of you resurface again.    

Nudge Fate

While not in control of any truly divine power, you are able to nudge the proceeds of the world around you slightly beyond mortal limitations. | Once-per-day you may add or subtract your level to or from a single none-damage dice roll.    

Unmortal Knowledge

Your divine nature as left you subconscious privi to the forces beyond this world, things no mortal should ever need to know. However, your being has left you somewhat paradoxically exposed to the manipulation of divine entities. | Places of divine power such as temples and anti-temples hold unimaginable terror for you unless it is to a god to which you are aligned. Divine beings, if they are so inclined, may reach out to ease this terror; Though this is a very rare occurrence that is usual only offered to those of particular signicance to that entity unless it is unusually kind or corruptive. If by chance a divine entity or their servant reaches out to you you are immediately entranced by their words as though under the effects of a charm spell, though you are not obliged in any way to adhere to their request or instructions.  

Alternative Racial Features

The following features can be take in place of standard racial features.


Racial Feats

You may pick any one of the following racial feats in place of an ordinary feat upon reaching the appropriate level.


Racial Heritages

Thayli are made in the image of a mortal race, but are fundamentally created by a being of divine nature. Pick one racial heritage. You may take up to two racial features from your base race. Your final racial Tier is equal to: your Base Race + your Hybrid Race - 1.  


Though it is easy to assume one group of beings may be of good nature and others are of bad; It would be wise to consider that creatures of such power may not have the same regard of morals as a mortal being.    


You are made of an entity that helps govern that cosmos.    


  Radiant & Necrotic Damage  


Psychic & Posion Damage  

Example Motivations



To protect a group, nation or some good-natured soul.  


To ensure a site or item of great power is never tampered with.  


To punish those who would speak out against your creator.    


Created by the hand of a being that presides over the underworld.  


Psychic & Necrotic Damage  


Radient & Electrical Damage  

Example Motivations



To prevent a being from being taken before their time.  


To return a creature that has cheated death back to the grave.  


To foster more souls for your master.  


Make being by something of the most dreaded places of the world and beyond.  


Fire & Cold Damage  


Radient & Electrical Damage  

Example Motivations



To stop escaped fiends from terrorizing the living.  


To punish those of wicked nature before they find themselves in the afterlife.  


To corrupt a powerful individual to the side of the dark forces.  

Block Link: Thayli [URS]


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