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A race naturally commpeled to bring people horrifying things as gifts. Physically results somewhat between an anthropomorphic cat and a shark. They are adept at finding magical items and surviving in areas of high corruption. They are resistant to the effects of unstable magic and curses.  

Possible Abilities

Locate Curiosity

Using a standard action you are able to sense out the general location of the most powerful object that is not obscured. Doing so will tell you the distance and direction of the object.   At higher levels, you are able to penetrate through levels of Obsurement.  

Curse Shifter

You are to pass on almost any curse that you have been afflicted with to another.
As a ten-round-action you are able to imbue a magic item with a curse from another source. This can be from another magic item, something you are affected by yourself or even a curse from another being.   At later level this will twist the purpose oif the time, granting it new abilities.  

Slow Acting Curses

Upon first receiving a curse or making first contact with a cursed magical item. You are not affected by that curse for a number of hours equal to your character level.  

Curse Forged Item - Thier 3

As a ten-round-action you are able to imbue a non-magical item with a curse, either transferred or created by yourself through other means. Doing so grants the item a magical ability based upon the curse placed upon it. This ability lasts for as long as the curse does. Certain powerful abilities or creatures may be able to cleanse the items of their curses without removing all their magic.  

Curse Eater - Tier 2

You are hungry for curses!
As a standard action, you may consume a curse of a lower tier than yourself as a form of sustainace. Doing so grants you the effects of a short rest and re-fills all of your needs for sustenance. Such curses must be at least 1 year old to count toward this ability.


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