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When the age of the Dragon king end and the age of mortal men began, the area that now comprise of Ullanor was nothing more then squabbling tribes and warring city states. Even the mighty city of Ullanor was nothing more then a strong enclave of elves. This was until the tyrant Agis Adsalor, nothing more then a minor merchant establish control over the entire city. With this power he then over the next 100 years through military expansion and brutal intrigue conquered or subdued every city,lord and clan under his brutal control and proclaimed himself emperor. what followed was another 100 years of brutal rule where any one who opposed or questioned his rule where brutally dealt with.   This however changed when his son Feno who was banished from Ullanor shortly after his father took power returned and unified the squabbling factions into one united force and usurper his father. With this dead done instead of all these faction returning to a state of independence it was agreed they would stayed unified, But instead of being ruled by a tyrant, they themselves would chooses who rules them and decided how much power this emperor would have and for how long he would rule. with the hope that by staying united they would never suffer under tyranny again.


The empire is structured around the idea that all lords retain the majority of their autonomy with the empire being split up into region with the most influence lord of the region being declared it governor. These regions are based on the old kingdoms before the empire was founded and for this most local mater are handled by these lord as they would have a better understanding of t eh local law then another far of noble.

As one, united and free.

Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Legislative Body
The laws that would effect the empire as a whole is decided by a diet of all notable lords that convenes once a year as that their issues can be aired and addressed.
Judicial Body
on a local level it is up to the local governor or lord to decide who interprets the law. Yet for the empire as a whole they will to have a trained scholars to administer the law and give council in the courts throughout the empire.

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