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the Wolfgang family

The wolfgang family is the premiere military house in the entire empire but that is not what it is most famous for. what the Wolfgang's claim to fame is that it still exists. As this family has seen more plots, wars and legal dispute to overthrow them from their position then most kings let alone emperors.


By the time Agis had begun his conquest of Ullanor the Wolfgang where nothing more then a local clan in the east fighting with every other clan around it. yet by the time Agis army came the Wolfgang family went to him stating they would help him conquer the land under the condition they would govern it for him when the deed was done.   Agis gladly accepted and with the help of the Wolfgang, conquered the entire region in under a year and Agis built the Wolfgangs a fortress in place of their old holding to rule for in his name under the condition that every year a certain amount of tax must be payed to him. But this tax that must be payed could only be matched by how cruel Agis was. Then after only the Wolfgangs realized how it would be near impossible to get the money required, of the mistake they made , As not only did they have to deal with the hatred of every other tribe in Bruden. If they did not make the yearly payment they would have to give up one of their own for execution or have Agis withdrawal his military support.   So by the time Feno came with the hopes of freeing Ullanor from his father tyranny that when the Wolfgangs collected the tax for that year but they did not send it to Agis but instead bought arms and supplies for all of the tribe as they joined Feno's cause. But even with this grand gesture many of the people did not forget and shortly after the war was won, all of the tribe turned their weapons on the Wolfgang and if it was not for the direct intervention of Feno himself the family would have been ended then and there. Though much of their power was gone.   It was only in recent years under the rule of Otto Wolfgang did the family return to there former glory and the governors of burden, and in the process settle many of the grudge that his ancestors had made. how he did this was personally lead the men of Bruden against a Gosudars warlord that threatened to lay waste to not only Bruden but all of Ullanor.

Conquered by none

Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
the tyrants of Brunden

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