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when recruiting one of these units from scratch they try find those that would be first educated be them nobles or farm hands. then those with military experience will be then place in charge of a group of unit from 250,1250,2500


when the appropriate number of men are selected it take a total of 2 months for the selected men to train into their respected units
spears/Landsknecht 1750 men are train in basic unit formation and basic physical fitness though they will mostly learn tactic on campaign. they will use the last 2 weeks of their training to focus on how to stay in formation
crossbow These 500 men are specially selected by veteran marks men and are thought how to fire in volley and on command they also learn how to reload effectively and how to maintain their crossbows. These men are also train to draw a bow as they show how to fire in volley with a bow in the case that they are unable to use a crossbow
cavalry 150 men are selected from prominent rider mostly coming from nobility learning how



4000 ulnmarks

Overall training Level
Parent Formation
FrItzs Forces

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