Trelaxle Belefort

Written by Arzulus

Lady Trelaxle Belefort (She/Her)

Trelaxle's appearance, like many Eladrin, shifts dramatically with her mood. Her default Winter appearance is understated, with a sleek high ponytail of dark blue, Her clothing has long clean lines in hues of white, gold, aqua, and black, reflecting the tranquility of undisturbed snow. This season is closely associated with her fighting style. Her Autumn appearance is warm and inviting. The lines of her garments are softer and more ornate. The primary colors are deep purples, rich browns and warm, muted yellows. Her hair is pulled away from her face and loose, softly curling over her shoulders in a waterfall of purple. Her Summer manifestation is a riot of cerulean blue, dark forest greens, and vivid magenta, reminiscent of the woodlands in the height of its vitality. Her hair is a wild, untamed mane in dark berry hues. Her raiment is flamboyant: shoulders or back bare or a high slit up the side of a skirt. Her Spring persona is dominated by chartreuse accented with coral pink, dusty lavender, and bright silvers. Her viridian hair is pulled up to one side, festooned with braids and beads. Her clothing is rococo, florid with embroidery, shimmery fabrics, and ruffled accents.   Youngest child and only daughter of a long-established, prestigious eladrin noble family. Her father Alaric is a prominent political figure, her mother Zhaelphine a high-ranking wizard in the council of mystics. Her four older brothers are all well placed in various trades such as academia, the military, as well as their parents' politics and magical affairs. Being the spoiled youngest offspring combined with the languid, dreamy manner in which eladrin live their lives allowed her to drift between different disciplines. She excelled in academia at the city's university, studying history and dead civilizations. At the theurgia, magic came to her naturally. Dance and swordplay were her hobbies of choice. However, despite being well-spoken and possessing a sharp wit, she lacked the guile and force of personality required to follow in her father's bureaucratic footsteps. The commonplace tedium of the academy and theurgia eventually bored her and the structured orderliness of the military stifled her. A chance encounter with a veteran warrior at one of her family's galas became the fulcrum upon which her course pivoted. Newly returned from the material plane on a mission for the eladrin court, Aelasar Vathrixian found in the elven woman the same qualities that served him in his own role in life. After the party they remained acquaintances, and once he confirmed his estimation of her, offered her an apprenticeship. A rare honor indeed. Five years later she completes her apprenticeship. She leaves home and the Feywild, confident in the path she now walks in life: El'Tael. The Bladesinger.   Trelaxle currently travels the realms in search of forgotten magic, unexplained mysteries, and knowledge of ancient societies long since lost to the ages.That which she finds is brought back to her home city in the Feywild, Iselune, for the benefit of her people. Ancient spells are gifted to the Theurgia, artifacts to the academy. Her default season is that of Winter, which is most closely associated with her frame of mind when in battle. The precise movements, meditative state of being, and graceful flow of blade all coalesce into a facade as cool and remote as a marble statue. "Be as snow. Snow is gentle; snow is silent; snow is inexorable. Fight hard against snow and it shall always smother you with its softness and silence. Submit to snow and it shall melt away before you."
True Neutral
Current Location
Date of Birth
19th of Ches, 1143 DR
Biological Sex
Long, Dark Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly Tanned
100 lbs.