Nimlip's Cavern

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Peregrine Stormcloud
  Deep beneath Stagfrost Tower, lives a dragon named Nimlip.   Nimlip lives in a spacious cavern that he has made into his lair. It is not damp, nor mossy, and there are two large boulders that reflect heat after Nimlip shoots a long breath of flame at them. This heat travels up into Stagfrost through a natural series of small tubes that run through the rock of the mountain. This radiant heat also keeps Nimlip from freezing to death. The climate outside, in Banern Province, is a harsh one and the air is bitter cold most of the time.   The cavern has a very long tunnel that slopes upward and is large enough to allow Nimlip to leave and make his way outside. His tunnel exits through the side of a high, steep cliff face. On the days that do not burn his lungs with cold, he launches himself out of the mouth of the tunnel and spreads his wings. He flies off for exercise and to hunt. When he has eaten his fill, or he can stand the cold no longer, he returns to the cliff face, finds the hole that will allow him access to his tunnel and cavern, and returns to the warmth.   Above Nimlip's cavern is Stagfrost, the home of Naledi Meridian, the Warrior Seer.  


The cavern is accessible to Naledi by a hidden ladder that is magically bolted to the side of a shaft that goes straight down. At the bottom is a small room, which leads into a long passageway lined with books. This is The Library of Stagfrost, where books, scrolls, and maps of great importance are hidden away and kept safe, but more about that later.   Off the small room at the bottom of the shaft is another tunnel. This one is human-sized and leads to a room with a stout, iron-banded, locked door. The door is also enchanted so only a very few trusted people may enter. Behind the door is a cache of weapons that Naledi's aunt Eri (the previous owner and resident of Stagfrost) collected and hid away. Some of these weapons are enchanted, and some are mundane but have a terrible, blood-soaked history. A couple of those are believed to be cursed to compel whoever owns them to commit murder. They are kept hidden away in the depths of Stagfrost to keep the local villagers in Wintershire safe.   Stagfrost Tower holds many secrets, for both good and for the good of the people.   Nimlip's Cavern is the most interesting of them all.


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Starfarer Theta
30 Dec, 2022 21:46

I'm told there is a fascinating library hidden away in that frigid region. It is supposed to have many scrolls and maps and the like. Two things: number one is that the place is owned by someone called the Naledi Meridian the Warrior Seer. I have no idea if that's a good or bad thing. I'm going to choose to believe it is a good thing to keep fear from paralyzing me. The second thing is simply that the place is allegedly built atop a dragon's lair. Based on past experiences, I'm hard pressed to be optimistic on that one but I'll give it a try.   I don't even know if Stagfrost will be able to help me, but it is along the way. - Nemo, World Traveler

31 Dec, 2022 01:22

Nemo, I do hope the rumors surrounding Stagfrost haven't scared you off. I would be honored to welcome you and discuss your experiences. Naledi Meridian

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