Emperor Lucian Aelius (Loo-sea-en Eh-ell-ee-us)

Son of Emperor Nerontian Aelius & Mylah Berengar  
  • Inherited the throne of Uclandia at 16 when his father was killed in a duel with one of his courtiers that thought he would make a better Emperor. Both men died of their wounds, shortly thereafter Lucian inherits the throne and marries Ulani of a nearby kingdom
  • At the age of 17, he fathers his son Dax through a cook and takes the boy with a promise to raise him as his own
  • At the age of 18, he fathers Ninean through Cyrene, another cook. Tells the witch to send them away after being told by cook #1 that she has had a vision of his illegitimate offspring returning one day and ending his rule.
  • At the age of 25, on the advice of an uncle who is uninterested in the throne, Lucian separates the kingdom into provinces and installs Counts to rule over each in his stead.
  • When he is 58, his daughter, Ninean, returns to Uclandia
In his youth, Lucian was arrogant, rude to others, and self-entitled. Once he inherited the throne, his bad qualities grew worse. He gambled, whored, was increasingly manipulative, and married only to increase his power. He did not respect nor care for his wife. When she complained about the adopted baby, Lucian warned her to accept the boy or he would have her sent away to a nunnery to live out the rest of her days in cold poverty and silence. She swallows her protests.   As Lucian ages, he mellows and gives up his wild ways. He begins to see his wife's positive traits and begins to respect her and finally begins to love her. He becomes a better ruler, prone to thinking before acting, gets the Witch to privately teach him how to read, begins to collect books in his own personal library, and teaches Dax how to be a good man and a ruler whose people will love him. He tells Dax he regrets many decisions he made in his youth, and finally tells Dax he has a half-sister somewhere. (Dax is angry and confused by this new knowledge of his father as a younger man and goes to sea. He decides to go under a new name, Dax Hadrian, so that he may properly travel without special privilege. He goes with his parent's blessings and his father's ring, should he need to prove his lineage.)   When Osya Adela becomes a problem, Lucian sends her away to Banern Province just to be rid of her. He doesn't care for his Northern province because it is profitless and far too cold for his liking. (He still prefers to send away some of his thornier problems. He isn't perfect, after all)


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