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The Big Feast

The big feast has been celebrated amongst werewolves for centuries. They have adopted both human and wolf traditions and behavior. The tradition is celebrated the last weeks before winter in november or in september if needed. The winter months might bring scarce hunts and therefore they eat themselves full before the winter hunts becomes infrequent.


The werewolves adapt both human and wolf customs and in wolf packs they try to eat up themselves before the winters scarce meals and the werewolves adapted that to the Big Feast where they just gather to eat themselves full, a last meal the pack can savor before spring.

Components and tools

Huge catch, or several small game is needed for the tradition. A whole elk might be consumed by a small pack during this feast.


The whole pack participates in the though it’s the hunters that provide the food. The alpha pair is the first to eat and when they have taken the first bite the others can start eating.


In the last months before winter and its scarce hunts the Big Feast is held to eat a final whole dinner before the harsh winter time.

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