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Sefomnt being locked in a never ending war with the city Ulrith and the God Bane, things were starting to look grim. Supplies running low, the dissembling of the Navy to allocate resources, and morale dropping fast all was appeared lost. However, the god king of Sefmont, Torm, devised a plan, to create an army of sentient constructs, known as the Warforge. However, to power and give life to such constructs would require a great deal of power. Running low on options, Torm decided in a last ditch effort to save his city at all costs. That cost was his own life, imbuing his life force with the constructs would be enough to last generations. This story is known as The Legend of Torm. Without the Warforge, Sefmont would be in a much worse position.


The Warforge immediately turned the tide of the advancing forces of Bane, and caused a stalemate. Using less resources than a normal garrison, the Warforge provided a much needed relief to the City of Sefmont. The Warforge could work and fight continuously, without stopping, they only needed simple instructions. Not only, did the Warforge turn the tide of the War but construction projects began to increase. Great fortifications were being built at extraordinary pace. One fortification was near the town of Sona, to offer a buffer from the front lines and another in the city of Sefmont, known as the Cathedral of Torm, where the new leaders of Sefmont, The Order of Torm, would reside. Given, the new safety and the marvels being constructed by the Warforge, Sefmont now became a cultural hub. The citizens were able to peruse other types of employment in the areas of art and studies.


After years had past and Sefmont became a cultural hub, a strange miracle happened. The Warforge started to wake up after years of service. They wanted to do more than just build and fight and started questioning a lot more. The issue was brought to the Order of Torm, after people reporting the Warforge being broken. The Order of Torm, then brought some of the faulty Warforge to inspect. To their surprise of the Order, the Warforge asked to live normally, the same Warforge that fought along side them. The Order, then decreed that any Warforge that appear to have waken, be sent to The Order and they would mark the Warforge. After receiving the mark, the Warforge were to be considered citizens. This was deemed as a proper payment for the Warforge's service.


With this exodus, the Warforge began to explore the world and offering there services. They proved to be great guards of caravan's , builders, and working in inhospitable places. Merchants began to search out Warforge, in order to deliver supplies through the wastelands and deserts. The Warforge didn't need to eat, drink, or sleep, they had a much easier time surviving and making sure to deliver the goods. Opening up new goods and trade lines, towns and cities began to grow and the Order of Torm spread their influence.

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