The United Kingdoms of Morrdovach

History: A Kingdom United

Morrdovach is comprised of several regions which were once free and independant. After an extended military conquest known as @the, they were eventually united by The King, which began Third Era.  



A largely agrarian society, Saardhoff was once punctuated by small fiefdoms. It was the first territory brought under Morrdovachian rule. Saardhoffians are known for being fiercely loyal to The King, and are known to consider themselves "true Morrdovachians", often looking down on other terrotories within the United Kingdoms.  


Birthplace of The King  


The first Kingdom conquered by the Morrdovachian expansion, Sarnja was originally ruled by a proud, albeit aging, queen The Sarnjanian Queen. The King's original plan was to marry the queen, thus securing her kingdom under his rule, but her unexpected death only weeks before their wedding led to a revolt among her people. Without their leader, they quickly fell to the Morrdovachian military, and The King established his capital there to ensure there would be no further uprises.  

The Capital: Kress

Kress was the original capital of Sarnja. In the way of many old cities, it is buit in layers atop the ruins of those who came before. There are still structures standing in the oldest parts of Kress that are made with stones carved with glyphs that predate known history. Their meaning has been lost to time, and they now serve simply as ornamental curiosities.  




The last kingdom to fall to the Morrdovachians, Stanislov considers itself the last bastion of civilization before The Frozen Wastes. They have a deep cultural distaste for Kierastaad, likely stemming from an ancient family fued, the details of which have been forgotten to time.  

Bahstwood Forest

Bahstwood Forest is an untamed wilderness generally considered to fall under Morrdovachian rule, despite the Morrdovachian army never fully traversing or conquering the Forest, or that which lives within it. It is sparsely-populated by humans, and the small communities that are built along its edges are trade largely in lumber and animal skins.  


Gendt is a small village along the edge of the wilderness. Gendt is most famous for the unexplained disappearance of its population in the year <TBD>.  


Prior to Queen Miratalya's efforts to unite the Morrdovachians under a unique culture, each region of the Kingdom was largely  








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