The Morrdovachian Wars

A protracted military action by The King, which eventually formed The United Kingdoms of Morrdovach.  

The Fall of the Five Kingdoms

The Morrdovachian Wars resulted in the fall of five separate kingdoms, some via military action, some due to a lack of resistance.  

Saardhoff: Home of the King

12028-12029 DE Before The King began his military conquest, he began first at home in Saardhoff. A largely agrarian society, Saardhoff seemed eager to boulster its military might, and its citizenry took no issue with the conquering of their neighbours once the King's armies began to march.  

Bahstwoud Forest

12029 DE Bahstwoud Forest is a largely unpopulated region. The few, sparse settlements of the region offered no resistance to the marching Morrdovachian armies, and are left largely to their own devices, providing their lumber exports to the capital continue at the agreed-upon rates.  


12029-12030 DE  


After conquering Saardhoff, Bahstwoud, and Koninkrijk, the Morrdovachians spent several years shoring up their political support. During this time (12032 DE), the Morrdovachian King's betrothal to the Queen of Sarnja was negotiated. Her unexpected death caused war to resume.  


12035 DE Sarnja was originally destined to fall under Morrdovachian rule via marriage between the Morrdovachian King and The Sarnjanian Queen. Unfortunately, the Queen died mere weeks before the wedding; many citizens accused the power-hungry Morrdovachians of having her assassinated, and a revolt soon followed.   While nobles fought amongst themselves to seize control of the region, the Morrdovachians marched across Sarnja, and quickly took the capital, Kress. The King then established Kress as his capital to ensure the continued obedience of Sarnja.  

Stanislov: The Last Bastion of Civilization

12040 DE Arguably the most difficult and certainly the longest battle in the Morrdovachian Wars was the conquering of @Stanislov, which took the Morrdovachians over five years of concentrated, active warfare.   Timeline Entry: The Morrdovachian Wars


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