The Danjerie Marshes

The People of the Marsh

Isolated from the rest of the world by a quagmire of dangerous swamps, they have developed their own ways of dealing with the dangers of their environment. They're known to be excellent swimmers, though speculation from outsiders often links this trait to mutation, rather than practiced skill.  

Communities & Settlements

The people of the Marshes live in small family groups, rather than living in villages, towns, or cities. Sometimes these family groups form alliances through marriage, but just as often, they foster deadly feuds that can wipe out entire generations.  


Unlike most "drylander" housing, the people of the Marsh live with the understanding that the ground is ever-shifting based on tidal patterns and the migration of trees. For these reasons, houses are often built on poles sunk into the mire, or built atop broad barges that are weighted in the center to prevent them from being toppled over.  


Horses and carts are entirely ineffective in the Marsh. Instead, goods are carried on pole-barges, while individual travelers might use canoes or even swim, if they're fast (and brave) enough.


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