Bahstwood Forest

People & Places

Bahstwood Forest is generally considered to fall under Morrdovachian rule, despite the Morrdovach armies never actually conquering the forest. Most villages in Bahstwood lie along the outer edge of the forest, subsisting mostly on farming and trade.  

History & Mythology

Bahstwood was once known for its Ironwood. There are still relics made of the material, though they're rare and precious. The means of working with the wood, which is known to be harder and stronger than steel, have been lost to time. Many carpenters believe it is not the wood itself, but a chemical process that was used to treat the wood, which gave it its outstanding qualities.  

Where the Wild Things are

Bahstwood is rumoured to be home to a variety of ancient and malevolent beasts. Even those born and raised along the edge of the forest dare not venture into the wood at night.


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