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Ring of the Nine Lords

Ring of the Nine Lords, requires attunement. This ring increases the wielders armor class by 3 while attuned.    Class Specific Abilities. This ring bestows different benefits to those who wear it.   Rogue Improved Uncanny Dodge. After you reduce the damage from the use of your Uncanny Dodge, roll 1d8 and reduce the damage again by that number. You can do this an equal number of times to your Proficiency Modifier per long rest.   Fighter Improved Action Surge. When using your Action Surge ability, you gain one more attack for the gained action. If you kill an enemy with your Action Surge, roll a d6, on a 5-6 your Action Surge returns.   Paladin Blood of thy Enemy. Your divine smite now deals necrotic damage. When you damage an enemy with your divine smite, heal for half the necrotic damage done to the enemy.   Barbarian Improved Rage. When calculating damage rolls while attuned to this ring, you will now double the amount of damage your rage adds to your attacks.   Druid Improved Wildshape. Using your wildshape gives you 1d10 + Your druid level in temporary hit points while you are in your wild shape form.    Wizard Channeling. When you cast a spell of 1st - 9th level, you may reroll 1s and 2s when you roll damage. The new results replace the original results. You may do this as many times as equal to your proficiency modifier, per long rest.   Sorcerer Meta Magic Expert. When using meta magic abilities, if the ability uses more than one sorcerer point, reduce the cost of that ability by 1 sorcerer point.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The ring is made of a black iron. It is seeped with the energy of the negative planes of existence. The ring carries the will of the lich who created it and that of the negative energy planes.


Very few know the true name of this ring. Those who know of it, dare not try to conquer the will of this artifact. Those who use the ring wear it for a very short amount of time, hoping to lessen the risk of being dominated by the will of the ring.

This ring has been carried by nine separate lords of evil, all who fell trying to wield the power within. First was the sorcerer Helios Vryn (2), who retrieved the ring from the dungeon of a long dead lich (1). Helios was eventually slain when he tried to conquer the country of Elleryn in the first elven age. When he was killed, Orlandeau, the third wielder picked up the ring. Orlandeau (3) was considered a sword master in many parts of the world. Orlandeau had lived a lifetime wearing the ring and when he was felled during a duel, the ring passed to Bokour (4), a dwarf who wore armor so well made that Orlandeau's sword shattered against the dwarven masterpiece.

During Bokour's time wearing the ring, he was known as the 'Untouchable King'. The combination of his dwarven armor and the powers of the ring had made him very difficult to kill. During his time with the ring in his possession, he and his followers conquered the mountains of the northwest and forced the giant king out of Mount Saxxorm for a time. During his reign over the north, Bokour started to craft a magical iron gate, unknowingly at the behest of the ring he had been wearing. These iron gates were built for the purpose of channeling the energies of different planes. Unfortunately before he could finish the iron gates, the giant king and his small army of giants retook Mount Saxxorm. When King Apanath slew Bokour after a tense battle, he picked up Bokour's lifeless body and stared at the ring. Apanath could feel the ring's presence trying to invade his mind.

Without hesitation, the frost giant king threw Bokour's body, with the ring still resting upon his lifeless finger, from the top of Mount Saxxorm. The ring and body landed miles away near a river. There the ring rested for four years in the snow before it was picked back up by a passerby. This passerby was a goliath of a nomadic tribe and her name was Tarlas (5). She was a proven warrior of the cold north but preferred pacifism during her later years.

This unfortunate discovery of the ring lead to Tarlas being corrupted by the ring's will and organizing the most vile group of goliaths to roam the frozen north, the Blod Nasra. Tarlas led the goliath clan for close to three years while she wore the ring. Eventually she traveled south looking for a worthy opponent near the end of her long life and will of the ring seeking a new hand to rest upon. In her travels she stumbled upon a young wizard by the name of Faeris (6). A wizard who specialized in divination of the future. Faeris used her fine control of magics and visions of the future to just barely defeat Tarlis in a bloody confrontation.

When Faeris picked the ring from Tarlis' finger, she received a grand vision of the future. The ring showed her conquering an island nation south of the main continent. Faeris eventually leaned into the visions the ring had granted her. The promise of power, wealth and control of her visions into the future had been too tempting. Years of her life had been spent on endeavors that had never been fruitful. Possibilities she had foreseen had slipped through her very fingers because of the decisions of other.

"No more. I shall no longer tolerate feebleminded fools who sought to use me for their ill prepared machinations. Now, I shall build a path to the future I wish to see with my very own eyes."

Over the span of her life, Faeris recruited an army of wizards under her, built a new ziggurat similar to that of the lich who originally possessed the ring and created a dozen iron gates hidden across the world. Iron gates identical to that of Bokour's. Faeris and the ring seemed to be perfect partners. She wielded the power of the ring unlike any before her. Faeris felt the plans of the ring flow into her mind and the ideas the ring brought forth intrigued her. She realized the iron gates were being used to create a network for magic that could connect to other planes of existence. 

Shortly after Faeris had come to realize the ring's true intentions and she used her power of divination to peer into the future to come. An invasion of world breaking proportions brought forth by the iron gates she continued to make. Faeris' vision mixed with memories of the past from the ring and she saw the original bearer, the lich Matthais and what they had planned. A dark bargain with a primordial from a plane of negative existence. She saw creatures of shadow crawl over the world and eventually the darkness covered the earth like a blanket.

The ring had shown her these memories in hopes that she would see fulfill this vision. The ring had shown Faeris trust...and she rebuked it. All her life, she had wished to become a powerful arcanist whether it had meant fear or respect, but in the vision there was still a world to bow to before her arcane wonder. So she removed the ring and the act of its removal nearly ripped her soul from her body, weakening her. Afterwards she magically sealed the ring in stone. The stone was cast into the sea and she never returned for it. In her weakened state, Faeris spent what was left of her lifetime seeking to destroy the iron gates she had helped create. Of the thirteen existing gates, she had the power to destroy four of them. Leaving nine.

The next bearer of the ring was Nerio (7), a merfolk who found the stone in which the ring was sealed. Nerio was an artist who loved singing and shaping stone in their spare time. Nerio thought this stone they had found was perfect for their current project. Nerio used the stone and chiseled an idol of the goddess of water. Nerio placed the idol in their underground cavern that they had called home. After the idol had been there for some time, Nerio began to hear the idol sing to them. In their dreams, Valinae sang to them about the harmony and peace that would be brought about by her iron gates. 

The ring realized that the mortals and beings of this planet would not so easily give the world over to annihilation. So it would rely on deception to continue towards it's final goal. So for a time, the ring had Merio believing themself to be a herald of the goddess of water. Whispering to them while they slept and using it's energy within to create a beautiful tone in the waters of Merio's cavern. Eventually the ring beckoned for it's release from the stone and Merio believing the goddess spoke to them, smash the idol they had carved, to find the ring setting beautifully on the sea floor within their grasp.

So eventually Merio began to cold forge pieces of iron from sunken ships and etched the arcane runes that the ring had shown them in vision. When Merio needed more iron for the gate, they wept as there was no more to be found along the sea floor. That was until the ring whispered to them in dreams of their goddess Valinae. 

"You may find more iron on the ships that float on my seas. Guide them to the their eternal rest, among the rocks."

And so Merio used the powers granted to them by the ring. The merfolk used the ring's gifts to charm helmsmen and captains to guide their ships to the rocks. There Merio would pick clean the shipwrecks of any useful items. Merio continued to do this by themselves for quite some time. That was until bounty hunters and pirates alike were hired by merchant guilds to hunt the Siren of the South Sea.

  On their last day, Merio peaked their head from the water and raised a hand towards the ship with the ring guiding their will. They were met by the lightning of mages aboard the ship. The merfolk was caught in their net and pulled aboard. The ring passed to the the ship's captain, a swashbuckling rogue by the name of Merrick (8). 

Merrick the Red was one of the most infamous lords that carried the ring. For nearly eight years he wore the ring and for those eight years he was considered the king of the five seas. His cruelty spread across the seas and paladins of Valinae sailed the five seas searching for him tirelessly over the years he reigned over the seas. 

During his reign of the five seas he built more iron gates like his predecessors. Uninhabited islands were were perfect for placement of the gates. The islands were perfect for the ring's instructions for the gates. Islands tended to run along ley lines, so being able to tap into the magic would be an easy task. Merrick didn't quite understand the will of the ring, but the power it imbued him with was an even trade in his mind. 

On his eighth year carrying the ring, he placed two iron gates. Upon finished the construction of the second, the ring's will faded from Merrick's mind. Over the span of the next month, the abilities and dexterity the ring had bestowed upon him faded. Eventually when he encountered a group of paladins along the western coast of Illendor, he fled inland after his ship had been sunk. 

One of the paladins tracked him down into the the forest along the coast. They dueled to a standstill. Even though Merrick no longer had the powers granted to him by the ring, he was still a formidable foe the paladin. In their final clash, the paladin, Ophelia, used every bit of the divine power Valinae had bestowed upon her. Merrick's blade gave way to her divine might. His blade snapped and her sword buried itself deep into Merrick's torso. 

Ophelia took a moment to pray to Valinae and she left Merrick's body against a tree. As she looked back, she could feel the ring upon Merrick's finger call out to her. Yet she did not waver against the ring's will. There the ring for years to come. Waiting and calling for a ninth lord to fulfill activating the three key gates.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Artifact, one of a kind
1/2 ounce
The ring can change it's shape to fit the current owner.
Raw materials & Components
A piece of black iron suffused with the creators soul. Afterwards, the creator must hold the ring as it is steeped in energy from the negative planes.


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