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This world is dominated by magic, supernatural beings, and mysterious forces that act in the shadows, pursuing power and knowledge in the midst of a human civilization that is blind to these events.   Among these forces are Magi, descendants of Magus families ancient and new, that practice and develop Magecraft, the science of artificially reproducing supernatural phenomena under the umbrella of Thaumaturgy. Magi also pursue True Magic, which are truly impossible miracles accomplished by only the greatest of Magi, called Magicians.   These Magus families collaborate to preserve secrecy and pursue knowledge, but in the same manner will not hesitate to fight each other when pursuing their own agendas. The Holy Grail War, a sacred ritual performed every 60 years, is one of these fights. Only one Magus can be left standing to reach the True Magic of the Grail.

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The Sixth Holy Grail War

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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