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Vampiric Metal Poisoning

Despite vampires evolving to not have weaknesses such as silver and garlic, they do still have weaknesses. All vampires have a nickel allergy, no matter how strong they are, which is why when getting piercings or tattoos, vampires have them done in a vampiric empire if not already living there. They are also more prone to heavy metal poisoning from small amounts of lead, mercury, or arsenic.   Fortunately in the Vampiric Empire Heavy metal poisoning is extremely rare because of the precautions taken to ensure that the Vampiric Empire is safe and vampire friendly. However, this does not mean it won't happen. During one incident, Ronnie got metal poisoning during a kingdom lockdown and had to be taken to a hospital in Isla as it was the safest option. According to Luna, the nurses know kung-fu so if someone tries sneaking in, they'll make sure no one gets hurt aside from the intruder.

Transmission & Vectors

The most common way of acquiring Vampiric heavy metal poisoning is by being attacked by anti-vampire weapons such as daggers made from nickel and laced with lead and arsenic.


Being exposed to nickel or other toxic heavy metals and having them exposed to your bloodstream. Many anti-vampire weapons are made with nickel and other heavy metals to ensure severe damage and death.


Very similar to regular heavy metal poisoning.
  • Nausea and vomiting (usually blood)
  • chills and low body temperature 
  • stomach pain
  • feeling weak
  • numbness
  • scratchy throat
  • dehydration 
  • abnormal heartbeat
  • anemia
  • organ damage
  • aggression 
One new symptom is extreme thirst and blood lust. This can be dangerous for humans at most because when a vampire is having heavy metal poisoning, their bloodlust becomes uncontrollable and they could possibly kill someone due to them not being able to hold back and prevent them from draining all their blood.


  • Blood transfusion to help with bloodlust and anemia
  • chelating agents
  • IV to help with dehydration
  • medication for heart
  • anti-emetics 
  • pain medication
  • Things to help with body temp such as soups/hot drinks


While heavy metal poisoning is extremely dangerous for vampires, if treated they'll recover fast due to their enhanced healing abilities and it'll seem as if they never had it. They don't get any severe permanent damage such as organ failure or brain damage.


Vampires can get slight memory loss for some time. Luckily it's temporary, they also feel extremely weak afterward and will need to eat more iron and protein to get their strength back.

Affected Groups

It affects anyone who has exposure to heavy metals. Because of precautions taken in the vampiric empire, it's very rare to see metal poisoning unless someone has been injured with an anti-vampire weapon or had a tattoo or piercing done outside the vampiric empire. It primarily affects vampires living outside the vampiric empire as their living area may not have the same precautions to prevent heavy metal poisoning as the vampiric empire does


try to avoid getting stabbed by an anti-vampire weapon and get tattoos and piercing in the vampiric empire. If you live outside the vampiric empire, get a water filter, avoid getting tattoos and piercings from outside sources.


When vampires first emerged, they became feared and people developed weapons to fight against them, Upon discovering they were prone to heavy metal poisoning and were allergic to metals they created daggers and swords made of nickel and laced with toxic metal. This made it easier to fight against them, but as a result, humans got severe heavy metal poisoning and many died, those who survived got extreme organ damage and eventually died.

Cultural Reception

Luckily a majority of vampires understand Vampiric heavy metal poisoning and how it works. Depending on how one acquired it, they may be very understanding and sympathetic or very judgemental. It is gotten from tattoos and/or piercings from outside sources they will be very judgemental and say "You should've gotten it in the vampiric empire," if gotten from being attacked they will be very sympathetic and will be angry, and want revenge against the person who attacked the other vampire.
Ronnie got Vampiric heavy metal poisoning once when the Twilight Kingdom went into lockdown and Ronnie got stabbed after trying to protect Luna. "Ronnie, are you okay?" Luna asked, rushing towards the vampire. "no," He answered, groaning in pain.  "Dizzy," He added, pulling the knife out. It helped a little but he was still dizzy and weak. Luna was extremely worried, the guy who attacked appeared behind them. "Ah," Luna shrieked, seeing the guy sneak up behind her. Luckily Vladimir appeared behind him and broke his neck and a swift movement.  "Is everything okay?" He asked. "no," Ronnie said, groaning in pain. Vladimir rushed over and bent down, inspecting the wound Ronnie aquirred from the anti-vampire dagger. There was weird purple vein like marks on the edge and the wound was healing extremely slowly but couldn't close up. "Oh dear, this is serious," Vladimir commented. "We should get him to a hospital," Just then, Luna's dad called. "Luna, is everything okay?" "Nein, Ronnie got stabbed and needs to go to the hospital," "Don't go to the Twilight Hospital!" He warned. "Listen, the kingdom is under lockdown and the only safe place is Isla, so you should got there," "But do they know how to deal with vampires," "I'll call them and explain, and Vladimir can explain everything as well," "Dad says we should go to isla because it's safer," Luna told them. "I swear to God Kung-fu must be a requirement to work there because those nurses are like bruce lee in disguise," "And dad says the nurses know kung-fu!" Luna added.    At the hospital, the staff wasted no time and got Ronnie stabilized asap. His family had to watch in horror as a nurse bitch slapped him instead of using a defibrillator when his heart stopped, but he was in good condition. Then the kung-fu happened. "I don't recognize you," A doctor said to another doctor  "I'm a new resident?" "Why do you have a weird accent?" They asked. And then, the doctor slapped the person across the face. "Holy shit," Xavier commented. The disguise fell of and Vladimir and the others understood why Luna said the nurses know kung-fu.
Affected Species

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